Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sakkarakatti - Preview

Starring: Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Ishitha, Vedhika

Direction: Kalaprabhu

Music: A.R.Rahman

Production: Dhanu

Youth, energy, freshness- Sakkarakatti seems to be full of it. It has got debutants galore but they are by no means strangers to the industry. When Sakkarakatti releases this Friday, Kalaprabhu and Shanthanu will have to live up to their famous surnames; now that is an onerous responsibility considering that their surnames are Dhanu and Bhagyaraj respectively, names that are well etched in Tamil cinema.

Sakkarakatti, the name sounds sweet and the movie looks the same, though we have not seen anything but a few stills. One hero, two heroines, Ishitha and Vedhika tells us that romance has got to be the central theme of the movie,a theme that youth from all parts of the state can identify with and enjoy irrespective of the cast. So, if well handled the movie does stand a good chance at the box office.

Talking of chances at the box office, we generally talk about that for a movie teeming with debutants. But, in the case of Sakkarakatti, one man’s presence seems to have made up for all that. It is rare for a debutant to get A.R.Rahman to score for his movie and that singularly has made Sakkarakatti hot with the youth and the trade. Rahman has really turned it on in the album, giving it the complete youth feel. ‘Taxi’ is already rocking dance clubs and discos, Chinnamma Chilakamma is making a mark and the melodies are finding their way into the hearts of the youth slowly but surely.

With no disregard to the young team, Rahman’s music seems to be the sole talking point of the movie at this point of time. If the team has managed to pull of a good one on screen, then one never knows, coupled with the Rahman factor, they could spring one of the biggest surprises of recent times. Success is sweet, Sakkarakatti may be sweeter.

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