Saturday, November 8, 2008

kamal hasan's ex-wife living with other man

Kamal Hasan came out from marital bond with Sarika and started living with Gowthami.Now Sarika is also living with Rahul Dholakia, the director of Parzania as per the gossip. Sarika acted in Parzania that brought her awards this year. Inside sources say that the chemistry between Sarika and Rahul is going good and they are often seen in public places together.

The frequency is very high now than while making the film 'Parzania'. When enquired if they are making any new film again, that is ruled out. So, can we conclude that some love sparks are igniting between Rahul and Sarika!

Now it is Trisha’s turn to wear a Bikini

If Nayanatara wears a bikini in the film Billa, can Trisha be far behind ? With intense competition among the southern sirens, every one is getting ready to wear less and less and expose more and more.

Vishnu Vardhan is directing a film Sarvam with Bharath and Trisha in the lead.

According to reports, Sarvam is a story with lots of love oozing between the lead pair. There are also many steaming scenes that were shot on Bharat and Trisha which just stooped short of lip-locks.

At the director’s insistence, Trisha agreed to wear nothing but a bikini for a special song that was picturised at a beach. Insiders say that Trisha looked pretty great in the two-piece swim suit.

Actress "Trisha" Photo Gallery

Actress "Trisha" Photo Gallery

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Kangana Ranaut on her breast popping scene

Kangana Ranaut’s breast popping scene from her latest flick Fashion was the turning point in the movie for her as she goes in depression after the very same incident. The scene might have been blurred by the censor officials but it throws the right impact on the audience.

Kangana says, “The wardrobe malfunction scene, I am told made the audiences weep for me. I always knew from the beginning that ‘Shonali’s character was made for me. Madhur had told me, “‘Kangana, I don’t know where I would have gone if you wouldn’t have done the role of Shonali. I had no actress other than you in mind for Shonali.” I too always knew that Shonali’s character was made for me. I was guaranteed that the role belonged to me and I knew only I could do it, nobody else could. As far as the scene is concerned, it was like any other scene for me. I was not naked. I didn’t send anyone out as was reported by many publications.”

Well the role surely looks tailor-made for little miss Kangana.

I can't settle for anything but the best, says Asin

Southern actress Asin, who has two big Bollywood movies in her kitty - Aamir Khan-starrer 'Ghajini' and Vipul Shah's 'London Dreams' - says she can't settle for substandard deals.

'I'm very excited about both 'Ghajini' and 'London Dreams'. I've a long list of criteria for selecting a role, beginning with the director, banner and co-star and ending with the cinematographer. I want them all to be just right. Am I being greedy? Perhaps. I'm sorry. I can't settle for anything but the best,' Asin told IANS.

In 'London Dreams', Asin plays a singer and gets to play the guitar and sing on stage along with Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.

'It's something I've never played before. In fact, I think it's a role never seen in Indian cinema. Beyond that I can't talk about it,' she said.

The makers of her Hindi films have forbidden her from talking to the media and Asin has no choice but to comply.

'Such is life,' she sighed. 'I'm quite willing to remain quiet until I'm asked to talk. I'd rather wait for people to see me than hear me.'

Asin moved to Mumbai a year ago but sadly she has no friends in Mumbai.

According to a source, this is because Asin is seen as a threat by the ruling regime of female superstars.

'The other girls in Mumbai don't feel threatened by one another. But the minute a striking pretty and talented actress from the South comes, they get all jittery. They see Asin as the next No 1 after Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi and Aishwarya Rai,' said one of Asin's male co-stars.

The actress added: 'It is true all my friends are in Chennai and Kochi. I'm yet to make friends in the Bollywood film industry. I don't know why. But here it is just work and back home with my parents.'

For Asin, it's bye-bye to Tamil and Telugu cinema as she is pursuing a full-time career in Hindi movies. She is now planning to buy a house in Mumbai.

'We're looking at some places. And we'll zero in on the place we want soon,' said Asin, who turned 23 on Oct 26.

Commenting on her age, she said: 'I can't lie about my age because at the age of 14 when I started working in southern films, I gave my first interview where I gave out my birthday. Now I'm trapped forever.'

While 'Ghajini' is scheduled for a Christmas release, 'London Dreams' is expected to hit the screens in summer 2009.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anushka In Men's Hostels

How interesting is this news were one to take it literally? At a survey done some years ago Sonali Bendre was the most downloaded wall paper in the entire country. Which means, youth all over India were so excited seeing her photographs.

Today we don't know much about this statistics but Anushka's photographs are ruling the walls of the various hostels of the Osmania and Andhra University. Big posters of the lady in inviting dresses are being seen at these hostel rooms. Many say Anushka is the flavor of the Telugu youth.

Her milky white skin and elongated and stretched long body is luring the youth. The posters are going unnoticed by the hostel maintenance staff.

Many students say there is stiff competition from other students who want other posters to be placed but as of now Anushka rules the roost.

Now Pritviraj has a six-pack abs!

Prithviraj who is playing an important role in Mani Ratnam's bilingual has worked out at a gym with a personal trainer for the last three months to get a six-pack abs for the film tentatively titled Asokavanam!

Prithvi joins Tamil hero's like Surya and Vishal to spot a six- pack. He started working on his six-pack while he was shooting for his Malayalam film Lollipop with Bhavana.

Mani Ratnam had insisted that Prithvi has a six-pack in the film, where he is supposed to play Aishwarya Rai's husband who really does not love her as he is a self obsessed man. He had Thiruvananthapuram's best known trainer to chart out his workout.

The actor now looks fit as a fiddle and is said to have lost 10 kilos during the last three months .He is very secretive about his new look, and has refused to show off his six pack, as "Mani sir does not like the look to go public."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Censor scissors and the controversial Kadhal Arangam

Velu Prabhakaran’s controversial flick Kadhal Arangam has gone under the censor’s scissors recently. The movie was eventually certified by the censor officials and ready to release. Velu seems to have given up his resistance and deleted the allegedly objectionable scenes pointed out by the officials for the movie’s certification.

The movie has been in the cans for a long time owing to the tiff between Velu and the censor board. Now that the movie is ready for release, Velu also has sold it in the market and is now waiting for its release.

Why Ramya Krishna Keeps Away From Hubby?

The marriage between "Ramya Krishna" and "Krishna Vamsi "has always been a surprise for many. The chemistry between them has always been low. The two come from very different backgrounds and their perception about a lot in life always looked alienated. This distance between the husband and wife had been apparent for quite some years.

They never hang around each other like the Srikanth Ooha pair or the Rajshekar Jeevitha pair. Even during the Telugu film industry platinum jubilee celebrations the couple hesitated to be photographed together and also sat at different locations during the course of the functions. There is talk that the two of them are not living together. There have been efforts of a compromise being reached and also the couple are trying patch up.

The Film Nagar talk is that there is another heroine in Krishna Vamsi's life and that is causing the rift. At the end of the day no one knows why really the beautiful "Ramya" Krishna is staying away from her Hubby?

Kavya Madhavan Marriage - Kavya to wed Nishal Chandra

It is reported that the marriage of Kavya Madhavan, the top heroine of Malayalam film industry has been fixed. According to reports , Nishal Chandra who works for International Bank of Kuwait as Technical Advisor will tie knot with one of the talented young artists of Kerala during the first half of 2009.

Nishal has performed as child actor for films like Kizhakkunarum Pakshi, Elavankodu Desham, Gaandharvam, Ayitham and Aham.

In an interview given to a private television channel Kavya said, the date for the marriage has not been fixed so far and she is happy to marry a person who can understand cinema and shares the same interests.

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Cast: Nitin, Bhavana, Nagababu, Ramyakrishna, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Babumohan, Ali, Kovai Sarala, Satyam Rajesh, Tirupathi Prakash, Tarzan, Malladi Raghava, Vizag Prasad, Priyanka, Tanu Roy

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Abhinayasri caught by the Bangkok cops

"Abhinayasri", who is an item girl turned actress, is still struggling for the success in tollywood. It is fact that after Mumaith Khan entering into the Telugu film industry, Abhinayasri has been sidelined. So, these days Abhi is said to be in the state of depression and is said to be addicted to liquor and drugs.

Recently, in a dance show organized in Bangkok, Abhinayasri danced to entertain the audience in skimpy clothes and after finishing the act, she directly went and demanded for some liquor. As ordered she got some and after consuming some pegs she started to again dance in between the audience. One of her friends tried to control her and injected a liquid into her body, but after that she again started to dance out of control and even it has been reported that she started to remove her clothes one by one. When she removed her top her entire bosom was clearly visible and few men started to grab her by them.

The audience, who were present there, reported the act as obscene to the cops, who came immediately and arrested Abhinayasri. The organizer of the dance show had to shell out 5 lakh rupees to bring her back. These kinds of shows are organized by the Telugu people over there to entertain Indians and this week end Mallu star Reshma is going to dance in one of the shows.

‘Maybe, tomorrow I may get into politics’ – Actor Rajnikanth

Before a month, the state wide survey by Loyola College seems to have dampened the feelings of Rajnikanth that he has lost his popularity amongst the masses. Immediately, he had arranged for meeting with his fans club members and yesterday it was hosted at Sri Ragavendra Kalyana Mandapam. Speaking on the occasion, actor said, "There are saying that an individual’s talents, popularity and ethics would make him win at the election. They can win, but with lots of striving efforts. For a person to win anything; proper situation must be taking on and then success is sure to accompany everyone".

When asked about when he would be getting into politics, he replied, "I will not let my fans’ hopes dashed down. For sure, I will get into politics, maybe tomorrow also and I need to get instructions from God".

About seeking apology at Hogenekkal Protest, he said, "You all must be aware, the worst statements rendered by everyone on the occasion (He mentioned about Sathyaraj using abusive words). Out of frustration, I had to let out certain words and so again pleaded for apology".

Actor Rajnikanth assured that he would be meeting all his fans every year. Soon after the shooting of Endhiran, he would be fleeting to all the parts of Tamil Nadu, meet his fans and photo session will be held with them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Kaveri Jha" - A Gorgeous Actor

"Kaveri Jha is a hot", sizzling super model and a well know gorgeous actor in the Telugu film industry. "Kaveri Jha" debut her first Telugu movie 'Nagaram' starring opposite Srikanth, one of the lead actors of the Telugu film industry. Kaveri Jha was one of the contestants of Miss India 2005. The photographs, wallpapers of Kaveri Jha are in huge demand among youth. Kaveri Jha becomes heart throb of millions of youth with her bold, sexy and beauty looks.

Kaveri Jha has also acted in the Hindi movie ‘Hijack’ opposite to Shiny Ahuja is on lead actor, and casts of the movie were Esha Deol and K. K. Raina. Kaveri Jha hails from Bihar and beauty and gorgeous look made her successful in the film industry with in span of little time. The voluptuous beauty Kaveri Jha has appeared in several commercial advertisements. She has also co-hosted a TV show with Sajid Khan. Kaveri Jha is one of gorgeous models of those have had photo shoots with top photographers in the industry such as Jagdish Maoli, Ishraar Qureshi, and Dabbo Ratnani.

My dad loved ‘Rang Rasiya’: "Nandana Sen"

"Nandana Sen" says her father, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, loved "Rang Rasiya", which was screened at the recently concluded London Film Festival.

"Both my dad and Lord Meghnad loved 'Rang Rasiya'. Lord Meghnad has become a big champion of our film. He praised my performance to the skies and noticed so many nuances," Nandana told IANS.

Nandana's father flew down all the way from China where he was attending a conference to attend the premier of the movie.

"Baba just loved it. He said he was glad he made it to London in time for the screening. Frankly, I didn't have time for anyone else," she said.

Based on legendary painter Raja Ravi Varma's life, the movie is a sensuous love story of the great painter and his muse, a woman called Suganabai. While Randeep Hooda plays Varma, Nandana will be seen as his muse.

The two-week long festival, which concluded last week, threw forward some huge surprises for the film.

" 'Rang Rasiya' was superbly received at the festival. The audience was enthralled by the colours and emotions of the theme. It was screened alongside Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Both the films were much talked-about. It was interesting because 'Rang Rasiya' was funded from India while 'Slumdog Millionaire' was funded from abroad," said Randeep.

Unfortunately, "Rang Rasiya" couldn't go to the competitive festivals.

"That's because it was made simultaneously in three versions - Hindi, English and Hinglish (in Hindi and English). And all three versions couldn't be readied in time. We've screened the film at Cannes and Venice. But like I said, not in the competitive sections."

After that Nandana and Randeep went to Sri Lanka for a fund-raising event for the forthcoming Sri Lanka Film Festival.

Barely a few words were exchanged between the pair throughout the evening.

When asked about cold vibes with Randeep, Nandana brushed it off saying: "People are fighting all over the world. So I guess we're just being in character. But seriously, Sri Lanka is such a beautiful place. This was my first visit. I wish they'd stop all the separatist strife would end."

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rambha from big screen to small screen

"South Indian actress Rambha" rubbishes reports that she is doing television soaps and says she will move to the small screen only after taking retirement from big screen.

'People are making up stories on the basis of my judging a reality show on a TV channel. I may think of a television career if roles offered excite me. But that will happen only after I retire from the big screen. I am choosy about my roles,' Rambha told IANS.

She accepted the offer to judge a reality show because she liked the concept, she said.

'I am still a sought after heroine. The forthcoming Tamil movie 'Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru' features me as the female lead opposite Prakash Raj,' said Rambha, who has done more than 100 films, including some in Hindi.

In a career spanning 16 years, Rambha has played lead roles opposite top Bollywood heroes like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty, Govinda and Mithun Chakraborthy.

Born Vijaya Lakshmi to Telugu parents, the squint-eyed actress adopted screen name Amritha and later changed it to Rambha.

Her uncanny resemblance to late Hindi actress Divya Bharti was one of her claims to all-India stardo

Married Heroine's Morphed "Nude" Video

One was surprised to note a video of the thunderous beauty Malavika doing the rounds. But the surprise would not have been a surprise had these "videos" been just the run of the mill. But these were "nude video" with explicate "sex scenes". "Malavika" is a much married heroine and she is also an established actress then why did Malavika need to do such an act?

The "video" shows Malavika is very compromising positions in all angles. One initially got an impression that she could have compromised for the lure of some big money but on further and deep examination it was revealed that these are morphed images and some mischief has been going on behind the scenes because of which these videos have appeared.

These are the malicious attempts of some perverted youngsters to damage the image of the actress or for mere senseless pleasure.

Seval [2008] Tamil Online and Download Full Movie For Free

"Seval movie Online"
Cast: Bharath, Poonam Bajwa, Simran
Language: Tamil Movies
Directed by: Hari
Music: G V Prakash Kumar

"Seval [2008]" Tamil Online and Download Full Movie For Free :

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"Rakhi Sawant", Non Nude Rakhi Sawant Hot Pictures,Sexy Rakhi sawant Images

"Rakhi Sawant", "Non Nude" Rakhi Sawant Hot Pictures,Sexy "Rakhi sawant" Images

Priyanka Chopra Unveiled Self Portraying Sexy Filmfare Cover

Priyanka Chopra was quite delighted unwrapping edition of Filmfare on which cover she has posed sexy swim wear. The magazine was launched at BJN Banquets in Mumbai and she preside the proceedings as the guest of honor. On the occasion she revealed her feelings about, actor Harman Baweja, in issue of the magazine where she was quoted on the cover of the magazine saying “Harman has been special and he still is.” She at the event posed as a promotional gesture for ‘Dostana’, and ‘Fashion’.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Anushka Sharma" Photo Gallery

Anushka Sharma is leading of Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opp Shahrukh Khan!

Happy Birthday, "Shah Rukh Khan" !

Diwali, for the Hindus, is the day Lord Ram returned from Lanka after defeating Ravana. Jains celebrate it as the day on which Mahavira attained Nirvana. Sikhs commemorate the return of Guru Har Gobind Singh from the Mughal jails. And the Bollywood buff celebrates it as the day of the year when Shah Rukh Khan raises his Box office toast!

It has been a habit with King Khan to release his pet blockbuster on Diwalis. The DDLJ legend was born on a Diwali 13 years ago. KKHH kept the norm, in 1998. ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, ‘Veer Zaara’, ‘Don’, ‘OSO’ and many more had been Diwali releases. 2008, however, saw no Khan crackers on Diwali.

SRK's 43rd B'day comes as a relief to his fans who were not allowed the privilege of celebrating his customary Diwali movie.

Click on, as we take you through the King Khan Album!

" Yukta Mukhi " Rajiv Gandhi Awards

Rajiv Gandhi Awards is a tribute to the legendary Lt. Prime Minister, on his birth anniversary. Mr. Charan Singh Sapra - MLC who initiated these awards in 1995, continues to keep alive the vision of a man, who thought ahead of its times and dreamed of a sound, advanced and talented India. More than a decade old these awards have become an annual feature & the biggest honour our country can bestow upon anybody.

This premium platform honours the successful Indian Diaspora globally for their outstanding contribution in diverse fields such as Industry, Sports, Education, Entertainment, Journalism etc. Recently, the 11th Annual Rajiv Gandhi Awards - 2008, to be held on Aug 17, at the NCPA, Mumbai. Like every year the event was witnessed by dignitaries like Kripa Shankar Singh. He said, "this awards were lucky as I came to know that I am appointed as Mumbai Congress President, General Secretary AICC Digvijay Singh, Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Co-ordinator AICC Rajiv Shukla, Geeta Basra,Kiran Kher, Yukta Mukhi, Fashion designer Archna Kochar, Sudhanshu Pandey, Yash Pal and many more..

To add more spice to the event Tisca Chopra and Sajid Khan were there as anchors. This prestigious award will be embellished by the performances of Salman Khan on his some superhit numbers like- you wanna partner,God tusi great ho,Salaam-e-ishq, Kareena Kapoor performed on love songs of her movies like Yeh mera dil,mauja hi mauja,Yaara kabhi ishq tu karo but she seemed tired may be because last night was Saif's birthday. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy sang two tracks from Taare Zameen Par, coupled with a much awaited patriotic dance by "Rakhi sawant" on Rang de Basanti and Vande Matram& Comic act by Kamya & Rajiv who are famous for their instant comedy circus, Fashion Show by Archna Kochar and the theme was-"Bride of India", Navin Prabhakar. Audience enjoyed Salman Khan's performance and was hooting once more and Navin prabhakar the most.

This year we have the following winners for each category: Industrialist - Mr. Baba Kalyani , Journalism - Mr. Vir Sanghvi, Social Field - Shri Anna Hazare, Sports - Mr. Baichung Bhutia, Educationist - Mr. Sunny Varkey, Young Enterpreuner -Mr. Sameer Gehlaut, Women Achiever -Ms. Vandana Luthra, Global Indian- Malkit Singh (UK) , Super Achiever -Dalip Singh Rana (The Great Khali), Innovative Marketing -Mr. Mehul Choksi, Best Actor - Mr. Saif Ali Khan, Best Actress - Ms. "Lara Duta", Child Prodigy - Master Darsheel Safary. On the occasion Chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said, "From 11 years awards are happening every year new people get award from new people but one thing which did not change was I come each year."

Charan Singh Sapra, MLC & convener of the Rajiv Gandhi Awards thanked everyone and said," I am very happy from 11years we are organizing the award and have received great response and support from everyone. I am thankful to Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh who never missed the awards I wish sir you grace the occasion each coming year. Mr. Baichung Bhutia while receiving the award said, "I am very happy and will try best to win the next championship and make our country proud."Khali was not able to make it because of his wrestling schedule. Lara Dutta thanked the critics for their comments as it had helped her to improve and grow as an actor. Malkit Singh said, "Few days back when I was receiving the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire award from Queen I felt of say the Jai Kara "Jo Bole So Nihal" but being only sikh in that award ceremony so I was not able to do that but now I am in my country with our people so I can proudly say "Jo Bole So Nihal" and thousands of people in front of him give him reply very loudly say "Sat Sri Akaal" then he said this is my actual award he also sang his popular song "Tutak tutak tutiya hai jamalo".

The event put together by "Momentum Group" will be telecasted on prime time Sony TV at 8:00 pm on Sunday, August 31, 2008 says, "Aarti Mattoo -- Event Director Rajiv Gandhi Awards Committee" H.S.COMMUNICATION

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