Saturday, November 29, 2008

Actress To Go Nude On Dec 31st

Actress Kashmira Shah has been around for all this while but has been maintaining a low profile for some months. But news is that she is likely to explode this New Year in a never seen fashion. Kashmira has been booked to do an item number at one of Mumbai's grand New Year show.

Kashmira is expected to do her usual nakhara with a lot of jhatak and matak. But at the end of the show a drama is likely to be enacted which would look as a faux pas. The actresses dress would come off and she would be exposed in the nude.

But this nude appearance would be only for a few seconds for once the cameras would click she would pick up her clothes and run back stage. This act though intentional would look accidental as a dress mal function.

Everything is to turn the heads of media and go popular. We have to see how far it works for her.

Vijay’s Fans got angry at Vijay

Actor Ilaythalapathy Vijay attended a function to give away sewing machines for the destitute women and his fans in thousands came in just to see him. All the sudden it started to rain.

This annoyed actor Vijay and he decided to leave halfway through event. His fans did not get to see him clearly so they crowd around him to get a closer look. It was hard for vijay to get out but he did.

The fans however got mad at Vijay, as he left half way through the function. Will Vjiay take action to win his fans hearts back or will he just ignore it and get on with his life.

Trisha Revealed Her 'Addiction'

The actress says she is addicted to books. When asked what she does to spend time she insists she would laze around at home with some good coffee and a good book to read. The actress says she was always good at school and that is where she got the hang of books.

She says if time and circumstances permit she would like to write a book also. Trisha says the liking for books was inculcated in her by her father who is a voracious reader. She intends to do a travelogue one day on the discovery channel visiting exotic places and having the choicest places to dine and stay.

Trisha is inspired by the book 'Secret' which talks about leading a happy and content life and at the same time being successful and getting what one desires.

Britney Spears Performs at the Bambi Awards

Britney Spears rocked the stage at the 2008 Bambi Media Awards in Offenburg, Germany on Thanksgiving Thursday while doing a live performance of current hit single “Womanizer”. The 26-year-old pop princess made a true comeback appearance with a special performance that involved a metallic spherical cage. She was also presented with the 2008 Best International Pop Star award. And let me remind you that Britney’s new album, Circus, will be released on her 27th birthday, December 2nd. VIDEO!

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Gumnaam On The Sets Stills

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Rajini's political problems comes to an end?

The regional issue surrounding the birth state of super star appears to have come to an end with a Tamil weekly reporting that he indeed belongs only to Tamil Nadu. It was reported in one of the recently held fans-meets about a fan asking the Boss about his plans for a memorial mandapam for his parents in their native place, namely, Nachikuppam in Krishnagiri district. Stunned by this, Rajini had asked to meet this fan.

Later investigation revealed that Rajinikanth was born in Nachikuppam which is a good 70 Kms from Bengaluru and his parents and other relatives had lived there for quite some time. His maternal uncle and aunt still live in Nachikuppam and a photo of the super star with his uncle adorns the walls in his uncle's house. It is also being said that Rajini may consider his political entry after Endhiran and now that it has been proved that he is after all born in Tamilnadu, it brings a huge sigh of relief to his numerous fans across the world.

“Nayagan for Kamal, Ayan for Suriya”

Suriya's performance in Varanam Aayiram has been praised widely in the media. From newspaper critics to fans on the Internet, Suriya has been singled out as a versatile star. His next project, Ayan, is being awaited eagerly. It's director K.V. Anand told us that Suriya's performance in Ayan will be an even bigger landmark in his career. Ayan's plot is set largely in what is called Old Madras or North Chennai. It is about a young man from there. Now when you hear North Chennai you think of violence, but the director assures us that the movie will not be just about fights and stunts.

Together with scriptwriter Suba, they have worked on each scene to make sure there is logic. The story will revolve around the joys and sorrows of this young man played by Suriya. There is a fabulous duet set in Africa, and a breathtaking fight scene in Tanzania. Anand further says that what Nayagan was for Kamal, Ayan will be for Suriya!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rasna baby Ankita to show all in Swim Soot | Very Hot Photos

Mallika Kapoor look alike dances nude in a MMS clip

Youngsters and jollers are most of the time found using the facility available in mobile phones for all evil sake.

A small bit MMS is going around showing Mallika dancing nude with other men and women in a hall, which looks like a house rather than like a hotel room.

All the people inside the hall are shown as smoking and it is Mallika who removes the dress in the climax!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Actress Suba Punja | Sexy Stills

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Aishwarya Dhanush At BIG-FM Pictures

I prefer to act with Rajnikanth than with Craig: Priyanka

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra today said she preferred to act with Tamil superstar Rajnikanth than with Hollywood actor Daniel Craig.
"I am very much interested to act with Daniel Craig but I would prefer to act with Rajnikanth than him," she said here.

The actor, who made her debut in Tamil film 'Thamizhan' with Actor Vijay said, "It was my first movie and it is very special".

Speaking at the launch of a new edition of Tag Heuer watches, the actress, who is the company's brand ambassador said, "I love speed and I always prefer it that way. I like it (the watch) as it is not only elegant but also sporty".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malavika sleeps with Arov Menon

One of the item girls of Kollywood, who married Sumesh Menon, has a new relationship, named Arov Menon!

Malavika, who was pregnent, gave birth to a baby boy at Mumbai's Leelavathi Hospital.

She, along with Sumesh, named her child as Arov Menon.

Malavika, called up HosurOnline.Com and gave this news. She and her baby are healthy. She delivered the baby without any trouble.

She may soon come back for acting!

Kareena Kapoor is in the hot spot again

Kareena Kapoor is in the ‘hot spot’ again! If you missed checking her out in that fluorescent blue bikini in Tashan, she’s going to give you yet another chance to go ‘ooh-la-la’, as Bebo gets into a two-piece for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kambakth Ishq all over again!

Though Sajid insists that the girl won’t be seen in a two-piece, some close friends of the actress’ claim that Bebo who is at her sexiest best aaj-kal, donned the stylish bikini – designed by Aki Narula – while shooting for a sequence in Venice. So, contemporaries like Priyanka Chopra maybe glittering in gold swimsuits and bagging many eyeballs, but Bebo is all set to snatch the attention back to herself and her sexy bod with her hot costumes and cool water-sequences in this flick.

And helping her raise the temperature is hunk Akshay Kumar who ups the oomph with some sizzling underwater romance. So, order your chilled bubbly, sit back, and witness the B-zone get bolder, wilder, hotter!

Actress Trisha crossed her drinking limits

Actress Trisha, at a night party, has crossed her drinking limits again and this time actor Vishal had to face her nonsensical activities in a five star hotel. Later along with another actress Vishal had to carry Trish to his car.

Another actress is to do this is actress Nayanthara where she crossed her limit in a night club. She jumped and danced and once she saw Simbu on the television she kissed his face on the screen.

Hot-Lady Revealed Her 'Night Activity'

Actress Bhuvaneshwari has only one philosophy in life. 'Work hard and party hard'. The middle aged actress who is busy shooting for Tamil and Telugu film says she hardly gets any time to spend with family and friends in the mornings.

So she just likes going around in the car in the nights. She says she enjoys the cool breeze and she forgets all her troubles. The lady then likes a good midnight biryani at Green Park (if in Hyderabad) and enjoys her ice cream and paan. The lady says she feels like a pampered child when she does her night activity like this.

Bhuvaneshwari says her best friend is her pet-dog which eagerly waits for her return from work and her night life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Actress Tanvi Verma Sexy Stills | Hot Poses

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SRK to be awarded Malaysian title 'Datuk' on December 6

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is set to be conferred the Malaysian title of 'Datuk', akin to the British knighthood, on December 6 and he is expected to receive the honour in traditional Malaysian attire.

The traditional Malaysian black costume with a waistband, a songkok and a black cap is the official attire to receive the award from the Malaccan royal chief, Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob.

The actor will receive his Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka award at a ceremony at 10 a.m. at Dewan Seri Negri, Ayer Keroh, in the presence of 1,000 invited guests, The Star newspaper said Tuesday.

The actor, who was to have received the award Saturday, had to reschedule his trip due to his tight working schedule. He is scheduled to be in Malaysia for three days.

State Secretary Omar Kaseh confirmed that Shah Rukh would be in Malacca for a day.

The actor is immensely popular among Malaysians and had shot the film "One 2 Ka 4" and a song sequence from his blockbuster "Don" in Malacca.

His being conferred the Datukship had stirred up much controversy with many questioning whether he really deserves it. Critics had asked what Shah Rukh had done for Malaysia to deserve a Datukship. They also took up cudgels on behalf of local artistes.

Malaccan authorities, however, say Shah Rukh's shoot in Malaysia had benefitted the country immensely, giving it global publicity without any money being spent.

Indian films are popular in Malaysia that has an estimated 2.6 million ethnic Indians.

Pregnancy And Abortion For Meera Jasmine?

She has been known for her fine dancing abilities and then she was suddenly seen in a flurry of films that sent a message that here is someone who seems to have a strong future in the Telugu industry. Her forte lied mostly in the comedy movies these days and she managed to extract few smiles with her performance too.

However, it was being noticed that Meera Jasmine has been putting on so much wait and was staying away from the media glare or the flashlights of the camera. Sources close to her say that the actress has ended up getting pregnant and with no other choice she has now gone in for an abortion too.

This is one reason why so many changes on her body are happening and if all this is true then it is really sad to notice that someone who had the brightest potential has ended up in the beds of the hospital. One hope that this pretty girl bounces back just like before and proves her mettle.

Actress Archana's Nude Scenes Taking Rounds?

Telugu Cine Actress Veda’s alleged nude scenes are in private circulation as per the talk. She has not yet come on record to deny they are not hers. It is believed, the boy who was on her bed, clandestinely recorded it through cell phone camera.

Though she is good looking and talented, she couldn’t surge ahead as fast as her counterparts.

Veda changed her name thrice hoping a swift in her fortune. She was introduced to the screen as Veda. Then she added a suffix to reveal her community and became Veda Sastry. Now she wants to on the top alphabetically and changed her name to Archana.

Is the circulation of these nude scenes to boost up her image too? Trisha too gained reputation after ‘bath room’ scenes those were believed to be hers were circulated.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shilpa Shetty, Monica Bedi, Akshay Kumar At Big Boss 2 Grand Finale

Secret Behind Shilpa's Sexy Curves!

She might be leading a busy bee life, but there are a few things which remain top on her agenda. And heading the list of priorities is her fitness regime. And no matter what comes, she isn't ready to compromise on it. 'Her dedication towards her fitness levels is amazing. No matter where she is, she never misses her exercise and is very careful of what she eats also,' says one of her friends.

Shilpa Shetty who is now not only a sexy diva but also a yoga guru constantly emphasizes the importance of Yoga in her daily life. The actress who is the girl friend of London based business man Raj Khosla says she has also taught Raj how to be fit with Yoga.

The pair who it is rumored have clandestinely married some months ago plan to open a yoga training facility in London.

Mallika Kapoor dances nude with her friends - Hidden cam MMS Clip

MMS loafing through the cell phones in Chennai of Mallika Kapoor who had acted in Tamil Films Puli Varuthu,Vathiar and Arputha Theevu and some films in Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu as heroine and in few adds.

MMS goes like she seated in sofa and watching all other friends dancing in party peeling off their dresses one by one, she becomes tensed and finally joins the group and peels off the dress until she becomes nude then smokes cigarette before performing a nude dance..,

Ashutosh Kaushik wins 'Bigg Boss' reality show

After an eventful stay of 94 days on the TV reality show 'Bigg Boss', MTV 'Roadies 5.0' title holder Ashutosh Kaushik emerged the winner here Saturday night.

Ashutosh walked away with the prize money of Rs.10 million after winning the show against the remaining co-participants, Zulfi Syed and Raja Choudhary.

Ashutosh was nominated for eviction by the housemates three times but each time his public following saved him.

While in the 'Bigg Boss' house, Ashutosh was often accused of using foul language and criticized for his unhealthy living habits.

His early morning dance on a wake-up song along with his humorous antics and one-liners became his trademark and a major source of entertainment for the viewers.

Though Ashutosh shared a good relationship with almost every participant, his proximity with former Miss World Diana Hayden raised eyebrows inside the house and caused much flutter in the media.

Both of them were often accused of being biased towards each other and remaining cut-off from the rest of the housemates.

Ashutosh was also the winner of 'Mr. Honest' title, which was conferred on him by 'Bigg Boss'. That resulted in his one-night stay in the 'Bigg Boss' special room watching movies, as a gift, while the rest of the participants kept speculating about his sudden eviction.

The grand finale - called 'jumbo finale' saw the presence of the show host, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, and superstar Akshay Kumar - who was there to promote the animation film, 'Jumbo'.

The second season of 'Bigg Boss', the Indian version of the internationally acclaimed show 'Big Brother', started Aug 17 with 14 newsmakers including controversial names like Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi, Jade Goody and Sanjay Nirupam.