Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ranbir is a blind friend, Sonam Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is Sonam Kapoor's childhood friend. Though news of their brewing love relationship hit the gossip column many a times, they never cut off their friendship and always remained connected. While Ranbir joined hand with Deepika Padukone, Sonam took a new path and concentrated on her work.

She never made a hue and cry over the matter but has placed Ranbir in the top list of her friends. Sonam's Delhi 6 promo is on and looking at her charisma, Ranbir cannot stay away from complimenting her. He called her up and congratulated sonam for her acting.

"He loves them. He saw Masakali and called me up. Ranbir can't see anything wrong in what I do! He’s a blind friend", says Sonam. Papa Anil Kapoor also can't stop raving his daughter's simple look and he called up Rakeysh Mehra to congratulate him for the project.

Speaking about her father’s reaction, Sonam said, He was happy with them. He liked it not because it was my film, but because he felt that it would be a good venture. He felt Abhishek and I share a great onscreen chemistry.

On asking how much she gelled with Deepika, Sonam replied, "I didn't know Deepika too much. She started seeing Ranbir, who's one of my best friends. We started hanging out together in a group and that's when we started knowing each other."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kareena voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian alive

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and cricket star S Sreesanth have been crowned the winners of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) annual Sexiest Vegetarians Alive poll.

The online contest was conducted by petaDishoom, PETA India's youth arm. Kareena captured the female title for the second year in succession, while fast bowler Sreesanth beat out fellow vegetarian cricket stars Ishant Sharma and Anil Kumble to win the title.

Kareena and Sreesanth narrowly edged out 2007 winner R Madhavan, model and doctor Aditi Gowitrikar, Pentagram vocalist Vishal Dadlani, and singer Kailash Kher, among others.

Other top contenders included Olympic bronze medallist Sushil Kumar, actors Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson, Hansika Motwani, Mallika Sherawat, Mahima Chaudhary and Rajneesh Duggal, musicians Sir Paul McCartney and Moby and designers Anita Dongre and Hemant Trevedi.

"When you look at the dozens of gorgeous celebrities in this year's poll, there are no bones about it - a vegetarian diet makes you beautiful inside and out", said Anuradha Sawhney of PETA India.

"After all, going vegetarian is the best thing you can do for the animals, the earth and your health," Sawhney added.

Nandita's 'Firaaq' named best film at Pakistani film festival

Bollywood actress Nandita Das' directorial debut "Firaaq", based on the 2002 sectarian violence in Gujarat, has won the best feature film award at Pakistan's KaraFilm Festival.

The film, which Das describes as an outcome of her involvement in social work, is yet to be released in India and had its premiere at the seventh edition of KaraFilm Festival.

"To come to Karachi was a big struggle. But it was very necessary to come, not just to screen 'Firaaq' here but to make it clear that contacts between the people should continue. Artistes should talk on these issues at a different level," said Das, who was in the southern port city to attend the closing ceremony of the festival last night.

"Till the world is completely peaceful, neither can we be. And that is not going to happen in our lifetime. So we will keep struggling and living," said Das, who is popular on this side of the border because of her performance in "Ramchand Pakistani".

Tensions generated by the Mumbai attacks curtailed the Bollywood presence at the festival though Das and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt travelled to Karachi to participate in the event.

In past years, Bollywood stars and directors have been among the main draws at the festival, which was first held in 2001.

"It is a tense atmosphere and sometimes the role of the media and the politicians becomes dangerous because they have their own agendas. But we must retain our sensitivities and sensibilities and not fall into their traps. We should understand that people on both sides of the border are affected by same problems. People should not detract us from these issues," Das said.

KaraFilm founder Hasan Zaidi said he was happy that Das decided to bring "Firaaq" to Pakistan even before its release in India.

"Firaaq", starring Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Deepti Naval and Sanjay Suri, interweaves the stories of Muslim couple Hanif and Muneera, middle-class Hindus Sanjay and Arati, an older Muslim musician living in a Hindu neighbourhood and a Hindu-Muslim couple.

The film traces the tensions these characters have to grapple with over a 24-hour period in the aftermath of the violence in Gujarat.

Das said she was "very excited to see what dialogue and questions arise" after the screening of "Firaaq". "It's very timely after 26/11 to show the prejudices and perceptions that arise after a period of violence occurs," she added.

Referring to the tensions between India and Pakistan, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said, "These are dark times, and it has brought back the things we had thought we had put behind us years ago.

"It is important that the platform of KaraFilm, where we started seeing the dream of Indo-Pak co-productions, continues," he said. Bhatt said he remained hopeful that things could improve on both sides of the border through a "long and sustained engagement".

Pointing to the lack of barriers and travel formalities in Europe, Das said there is a dream for something similar in South Asia. "Some people will not benefit from something like this, how will they sell arms then?

"Both India and Pakistan spend so much money on their militaries. If this money could be spent on the poor, education and health, then both countries could reach a new level," she said.

Friday, January 30, 2009

நடித்வர் காவ்யா மாதவன் விரைவில் டும் டும்

கையில் படமில்லாத பிரபல நடிகையின் கழுத்தில் விரைவில் தாலி ஏறுகிறது.

விக்ரமுடன் காசி மற்றும் பிரசன்னாவுடன் சாது மிரண்டா ஆகிய படங் களில் நடித்வர் காவ்யா மாதவன். இவருக்கு தமிழ் மற்றும் மளையாளத்தில் சமீபத்தில் சொல்லிக்கொள்ளும் படியாக படம் ஏதும் இல்லை. இந்நிலையில் சில மாதங்களாக காவ்யாவிற்கு மாப்பிள்ளை தேடும் பட லம் நடந்தது. இந்நிலையில் திரு வனந்தபுரம் குமார புரத்தை சேர்ந்த சந்திர மோகன் என்பவரது மகன் நிஷ்சல் . என்பவருக்கு திருமணம் செய்துவைக்க பெற்றோர்கள் முடிவு செய்தனர். காவ்யாவும் நிஷ்ச்சலும் தொலைபேசி யில் பேசி தங்களது விருப் பங்களை பரிமாறிக் கொண்டனர்.

திருமண தேதி ரகசியமாக வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. தற்போது அமெரிக்காவில் சாப்ட்வேர் இன்ஜினிய ராக பணிபுரிந்து வரும் நீஷ்ச்சல் சிறு வயதில் குழந்தை நட்சத்திரமாக நடித்துள்ளார். பின்னர் சினிமாவை விட்டு விலகி படிப்பில் கவனம் செலுத்தி இன்ஜியராகி அமெரிக்கா வில் பணியாற்றி வருகிறார்.

அஜீத் - ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ் இணையும் 50 வது படம்!

'யாரு நாற்காலியை யாரு பிடுங்குவாங்களோ' என்ற அதிகபட்ச அலர்ஜியோடுதான் ஒவ்வொரு நாளையும் ஓட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள் இயக்குனர்கள். இதில் லேட்டஸ்டாக சிக்கிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார் வெங்கட் பிரபு.

அஜீத்தின் 50 வது படத்தை இயக்க இவர் அட்வான்சே வாங்கிவிட்டார் என்றெல்லாம் பேசப்பட்டது. ஆனால், 'காத்திருந்தவன் பெண்டாட்டியை நேற்று வந்தவன் தள்ளிட்டு போன' கதையாக, அஜீத்தின் 50 வது படத்தை இயக்க முருகதாஸ் வந்துவிட்டார்! காத்திருந்த வெங்கட் பிரபு கலகலத்து போயிருக்கிறாராம்.

இந்தி கஜினியும் பெரும் ஹிட் ஆன சந்தோஷத்திலிருக்கிறார் ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ். இதையடுத்து அவருக்கு பாலிவுட்டிலிருந்தே பலமான அழைப்புகள். ஷாருக்கானிலிருந்து, சல்மான்கான் வரை ரத்தின கம்பள வரவேற்பு கொடுக்கிறார்கள். ஆனால், இவர்கள் இருவருக்குமே உடனே முருகதாஸ் படத்தில் நடிக்க இயலாதபடி முந்தைய கமிட்மென்டுகள்!

இந்த இடைவெளியில் ஒரு தமிழ் படத்தை இயக்கிவிடலாம் என்று யோசித்த முருகதாஸ், அஜீத்திடம் கதை சொல்லியிருக்கிறாராம். இதில் நடிக்க அஜீத் சம்மதித்துவிட்டதாகவும் கூறப்படுகிறது. இவர்கள் இருவரும் இணைகிற படம் அஜீத்தின் 50 வது படமாக இருக்க வேண்டும் என்பதும் முருகதாசின் விருப்பம். தினா படத்தின் மூலம் அஜீத்திற்கு 'தல' என்கிற அந்தஸ்த்தை வழங்கிய முருகதாஸ் கேட்டால் முடியாதென்றா சொல்லப் போகிறார் 'தல'?

சிக்கலில் எம்.ஜி.ஆர் படங்கள்!

MGR எம்.ஜி.ஆர் தயாரித்து, இயக்கி நடித்த புகழ் பெற்ற படங்களான 'அடிமை பெண்', 'நாடோடி மன்னன்' மற்றும் 'உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபனுக்கு' மீண்டும் சிக்கல் ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது.

இந்த படங்களுக்கு உரிமை கோரி எம்.ஜி.ஆர். பிக்சர்ஸும், கவிதா பிலிம்ஸும் வழக்கு தொடர்ந்தன. பத்து ஆண்டுகளுக்கு மேல் நடந்து வந்த இந்த வழக்கில், அந்தப் படங்கள் எம்.ஜி.ஆர்.பிக்சர்ஸுக்குதான் சொந்தம் என்று உச்ச நீதிமன்றம் தீர்ப்பளித்தது.

இதைத் தொடர்ந்து எம்.ஜி.ஆர் பிக்சர்ஸ் நிறுவனம், படங்களை திரையிட ஓ.கே பிலிம்ஸ் நிறுவனத்துக்கு அனுமதி கொடுத்தது.

சமீபத்தில் இந்தப் படங்கள் தமிழகமெங்கும் தியேட்டர்களில் வெளியானது. தொலைக்காட்சியிலும் ஒளிபரப்பானது. இந்த நிலையில் ஒப்பந்தப்படி ஓ.கே பிலிம்ஸ் பணம் தரவில்லை. அதனால் படத்தை அவர் திரையிடவோ தொலைக்காட்சிக்கு கொடுக்கவோ தடை விதிக்க வேண்டும் என்று எம்.ஜி.ஆர் பிக்சர்ஸ் சார்பில் நிர்மலா ரவீந்திரன் உயர்நீதி மன்றத்தில் மனுதாக்கல் செய்துள்ளார்.

இந்த மனு நீதிபதி ஜெய்பால் முன்னிலையில் நேற்று விசாரணைக்கு வந்தது.

எம்.ஜி.ஆர்.பிக்சர்ஸ் சார்பில் வழக்கறிஞர் ரமேசும், தனியார் தொலைக்காட்சி சார்பில் வழக்கறிஞர் ஹரிசங்கர் கிருஷ்ணசாமியும் ஆஜராகி வாதாடினர். இருதரப்பு வாதங்களை கேட்ட நீதிபதி, இந்த வழக்கில் ஓ.கே.பிலிம்ஸ் நிறுவனம் பதில் மனு தாக்கல் செய்ய உத்தரவிட்டார்.

இந் நிலையில் கவிதா பிலிம்ஸ் உரிமையாளர் ராஜமாணிக்கம் எம்.ஜி.ஆர் படங்கள் மீது மறுசீரமைப்பு மனு தாக்கல் செய்ய முடிவு செய்திருப்பதாகக் கூறியுள்ளார். இதனால் எம்.ஜி.ஆரின் இந்த மூன்று புகழ்பெற்ற படங்களை திரையிடுவதில் மீண்டும் சிக்கல் ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ஷாரூக் கானுக்கு ஆபரேஷன்

பாலிவுட் நடிகர் ஷாரூக் கானுக்கு ‌தோள்பட்டையில் எலும்பு தேய்வு ஏற்பட்டுள்ளதால் ஆபரேஷன் செய்யுமாறு டாக்டர்கள் பரிந்துரைத்துள்ளனர். நடிகர் ஷாரூக் கான் தற்போது துல்ஹா மில் கயா என்ற படத்தில் நடித்து வருகிறார். இந்த படத்தின் சூட்டிங்கில் பங்கேற்ற ஷாரூக் கானுக்கு தோள்ப‌ட்டையில் தாங்க முடியாத வலி ஏற்பட்டது.

இதையடுத்து மருத்துவனைக்கு சிகிச்சைக்கா சென்றார். அவரை பரிசோதித்த டாக்டர்கள் தோள்பட்டை எலும்பு தேய்ந்து இருப்பதாகவும், உடனடியாக ஆபரேஷன் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்றும் கூறியிருக்கிறார்கள்.

இதையடுத்து எப்போது ஆபரேஷன் செய்து கொள்வது என்பது குறித்து ஷாரூக் யோசித்து வருகிறார். இதற்கிடையில் தான் தயாரித்து வரும் பில்லு பார்பர் (தமிழில் வெளியான குசேலன் படத்தின் இந்தி ரீமேக் ) படப்பணிகளை முடித்த பின்னர் ஷாரூக் ஆபரேஷன் செய்து கொள்ளவிருப்பதாகவும் தகவல்கள் வெளியாகியுள்ளன. ஏற்கனவே இவர் முதுகு வலி மற்றும் மூட்டு வலிக்காக ஆபரேஷன் செய்துள்ளார் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

சொடக்கு போடும் சுண்டெலிகள் எரிச்சல் படும் இளைய தளபதி

‘பிரச்சனை பின்னாலேயே வரும். வினை வேலி தாண்டியும் வரும்’ என்பதற்கு இதைவிட ஒரு உதாரணத்தை காட்ட முடியாது. ஏற்கனவே வில்லு குறித்து வரும் கமெண்டுகள், விஜயை ஏகத்திற்கும் டென்ஷன் ஆக்கியிருக்கிறது. இந்த லட்சணத்தில், இந்து கடவுள்களை விஜய் அவமதிக்கிறார் என்று இன்னொரு குற்றச்சாட்டை கிளப்பியிருக்கிறார்கள் இந்துத்வா அமைப்பினர்.

வில்லு பிரமோஷனுக்காக ஒவ்வொரு மாவட்டமாக சுற்றி தியேட்டர் தியேட்டராக ரவுண்ட் அடிக்கிறார் விஜய். இவரை வரவேற்பதற்காக அடிக்கும் போஸ்டர்களில், கண்ணே, கருணையே, கடவுளே…என்றெல்லாம் வாசகத்தை போட்டு அன்பை தெரிவிக்கிறார்கள் ரசிகர்கள். அதில் சில போஸ்டர்களில் நிஜமாகவே இவரை கடவுளாக டிசைன் பண்ணியிருப்பதுதான் பிரச்சனையை கிளப்பியிருக்கிறது.

கடந்த சில தினங்களுக்கு முன்புதான் ஐயப்பன் உருவத்தில் இவரை டிசைன் பண்ணியிருந்தார்கள். அதற்கு பெரும் எதிர்ப்பு கிளம்பியது. இப்போது, இன்னும் பல கடவுள்களின் உருவத்தோடு விஜயை மேட்ச் பண்ணிவிட்டார்களாம். ரசிகர்களின் இந்த அன்புத் தொல்லை தனக்கு பிரச்சனையை ஏற்படுத்தி வருவதால், இனி போஸ்டர்களையும் தலைமை மன்றத்திடம் காண்பித்து ‘நோ அப்ஜெக்ஷன்’ சர்டிபிகேட் வாங்க சொல்லலாமா என்று யோசிக்கிறாராம் இளைய தளபதி.

பிள்ளையாரு சும்மா இருந்தாலும் சுண்டெலி ‘சொடக்கு’ போட்டா என்ன செய்வது?

Paris doesn't like finding dates on TV shows

Socialite Paris Hilton has refused to use a reality TV show to find a new boyfriend.

The 27-year-old heiress parted ways with long term beau Benji Madden in November and has been single ever since. She recently completed two seasons of her new reality show, My New BFF but is adamant that she won't be using a TV series to find her love.

She prefers to leave it to chance. "I've been offered to do one of those dating shows and I don't like that idea, I thought it would be much better to find a friend rather than a lover,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“That's actually how I come up with the concept of the show," she added.

Did Isha Koppikar kissed Tom Cruise ?

Sigh… would be a dream for many ladies to get just one chance in a lifetime to kiss Tom Cruise. Apni Eesha Koppikar had the crush of her lifetime on this Hollywood hottie, she says she would have his posters stuck all around her room and she would keep kissing his poster.

So among the Bollywood stars, who does Eesha find equally hot. And she says,

“Amitabh Bachchan. Purely for the fact that he started off from such a humble background. It was his sheer hard work and attitude, professionalism and devotion that propelled him into becoming a legend. I believe that he’s also a very doting and loving father. Aamir Khan too…because I simply love his diligent work ethics. He is one of the brilliant actors of our times.”

She also loves Shahrukh Khan, especially after working with him in Don, she thinks, “Shah Rukh’s energy levels are infectious. His professionalism is something to be admired. His humility is something to be imbibed. I think he always succeeds in motivating his co-stars and heroines.”

Well… must say Eesha… Your choice is good!

Bharath New Movie Title Enga Veettu Pillai!

The title of the MGR classic block buster Enga Veetu Pillai (1965) is going to be used once again for a film directed by Badri with Bharath in the lead role. Interestingly, the same old production house is going to make the film, Vijaya Vahini, founded by legendary Nagi Reddy!

The shooting of this film will commence in the first week of February.

However, Bharath's Enga Veetu Pillai will not be a remake of the original. The others in the cast include Prabhu and Vivek. A new girl will play the heroine in this "love story set against a city milieu with lots of action."

Vijay Antony will be the music director of this film, which will see Bharath acting in a role with shades of grey.

Naan Kadavul Ready For Release

Finally it's gonna be a great day for Director Bala as his long awaited flick will release. 'Naan Kadavul' that has been getting filmed for over past 3 years will hit the screens on February 6 all over the world.

Well, the peppy young actors Aarya and Pooja had nearly spent these years without signing for any other films.

In fact, they had none of their releases during previous years. Producer Srinivisan of Pyramid Saimira has stated that by all means the film will be released with around 200 prints all over the World.

Ilayaraja's musical score for Naan Kadavul is already a great hit offering a different feel for the listeners.

The film is about an abandoned son who grows up as a Saadhu amidst of those sages in Varnasi. Until one day, the father realizing his mistakes gets back his son to hometown.

Rest of the story is about the encounters faced by the Saadhu that has some shocking issues of society involved.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ananda Thandavam And SMS To Be Released On Feb 14

Maybe it’s a coincidence as the Tamil films released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day are sure to turn profit-grosser. Earlier, in 2007 couple of films ‘Paruthiveeran’ and ‘Mozhi’ got released on that occasion and witnessed good results. The next year had the releases of ‘Anjathey’ and ‘Saadhu Miranda’ hitting the screens for the same results. This year, it would be two romantic films of different backdrops. Jeeva-Anuya starrer ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ would be releasing on February 14. And on the same occasion, Director Gandhi Krishna’s ‘Ananda Thandavam’ is also getting out of cans. Debutant Siddarth and Thamannah along with Bommalaatam fame Rukmani are on the lead roles

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Freida Pinto's dress slip up

Freida Pinto, the female lead in Slumdog Millionaire, is enjoying every minute of her new-found stardom, but she’s also experienced the downside of being in the public eye.

The off-shoulder dress she wore for the Golden Globes has come in for some criticism and when asked about it, she says, “It seemed the right choice at the time, but I’m obviously going to be more careful now.”

But, apart from that, she’s quite thrilled at the reception she got after returning to India. She says, “It’s been a great homecoming. I need to treasure these moments for the rest of my life. For someone who’s never acted before, this break was a blessing.

Working for Danny Boyle was like attending the best acting school in the world. When we started working, he told me, ‘Life isn’t always the same. Brace yourself for the world!’ The attention does get overwhelming at times and I’m still getting used to it. I’m actually quite shy.”

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today Solar eclipse in india 2009 | Today Solar eclipse will be visible

The annular solar eclipse, the first in the year, will be visible across the world on 26th January beginning from southern parts of Africa, Antarctica, South East Asia and Australia.

The Solar Eclipse will begin at 10.26 am and ends at 4.30 pm on Monday passing through various stages. At its greatest phase, the eclipse will be 92.9 per cent and last for 7.51 minutes.

According to N Sriraghunandan Kumar Secretary Planetary Society, India, the annular eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are exactly inline but the apparent size of the moon is smaller than that of the sun. Hence the sun appears as a very bright ring or annulus surrounding the outline of the Moon, he said.

On Monday, as India is celebrating its Republic day some parts of the country will be witnessing partial phase of annular solar eclipse, the first in the year.

The first city that would begin to witness the Solar eclipse is Kanyakumari at 2.08 pm and the last city is Port Blair to witness the solar eclipse at 2.17 pm and will continue to witness till its end at 4.25 pm.

In the country, the solar eclipse will be partially visible in southern India, all places in eastern coast of India, most of North East India Andaman Nicobar and Lakshwadeep islands.

The maximum eclipse will be seen at Port Blair where it will be 39.4 per cent at greatest phase of the eclipse. In other parts of the country, the visibility ranges from 2.2 per cent in Hyderabad to 21.4 per cent within the country barring Port Blair.

In other parts of the world, the eclipse is visible in southern part of Africa, South East Asia and Australia.

During the eclipse, moon is in the apogee (farthest point from earth)hence the entire disc of sun is not being covered which otherwise at perigee will cover the entire sun’s disc. On 22nd July this year, there is a total solar eclipse when moon is at perigee.

Sun’s distance from earth is about 400 times more than the moon distance, and the sun’s diametre is about 400 times the moon’s diameter. Because of this ratio, the sizes of sun and moon appear to be same when seen from earth, however, their orbits being ellipse (oval shape) becomes detrimental in making the eclipse to be total or annular.

Madras University Exam Results 2008 | Madras University Exam Results

Madras University Results 2008 Results Announced

Results will be seen in following sites :

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

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Anna Univ Results 2008 | annauniv Exam 2008 Resultiversit

Anna Univ Results 2008 Results Announced

Results will be seen in following sites :

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Tags :Anna Univ Results 2008 |Anna Univ Results 2008 revaluation |Anna Univ Results 2008 |Anna Univ Results 2008

Saturday, January 24, 2009

If We Lost Oscar It Would Be Even Better-Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on Friday said the Oscar awards should not be considered as the “ultimate recognition” for artists, although he was glad that those working behind the scenes were finally getting their due credit.

“You people have taken the Oscar as the best recognition and award,” Bachchan said when asked if there was dearth of good Indian movies as very few had managed to get into an Oscar race.

“They are great in their place and we are so in our place. It is not that Oscar awards are the ultimate recognition,” he told an audience during the release of the book “Bachchanalia” at the Jaipur Literature Festival here.

“Oscar has its own place…we do not disrespect it…. If they wish to give us an Oscar they can do it…if not, it would be even better,” he said.

India cinema has always stood first, stands first, is the best, Oscar has its own place,” Bachchan said at the interaction.

However, he added he was happy that the artists who were working behind the scenes were finally getting their due recognition, also emphasizing the nomination of sound director Rasool Pookutty for an Oscar was also important, besides that of Rahman and Gulzar.

“It is encouraging when we see that the media, which conducts the film award ceremonies in India has started recognizing the worth of background artists. Rasool, a sound engineer from India being nominated for the Oscar awards is definitely wonderful news and makes me terribly happy for him,” Bachchan said.

“Moreover, I hope that Rahman, who has already done India immensely proud brings back a second Oscar to the country,” he said, a day after Indians bagged six Oscar nominations

The 66-year-old legendary actor also chose to clarify his remarks over Danny Boyle`s film Slumdog Millionaire that bagged 10 Oscar nominations.

Bachchan said he believed the film was an artist`s creative presentation and everyone had the right of expression. He clarified he had not in his blog said the film was negative in depicting the poverty of India.

“The words (criticizing the film) were not mine. In fact, in my blog I had analyzed some comments on the film put on my blog by the readers. I have since then spoken to both Anil Kapoor and Danny Boyle and clarified my position,” Bachchan said.

On why he did not attend a nomination function despite an invite from Anil Kapoor, he said he was busy and conveyed his good wishes and congratulations to entire team of Slumdog Millionaire.

Asked whether Indian movies were fulfilling the aspirations of viewers and reviewers abroad, Bachchan said he was very happy as Indian films were catering to amount 2.5 billion people. “Look at cinema from the beginning, 50-70 years ago, it was not well respected…no one wanted to join the film line then, now Indian cinema has grown tremendously, enveloped all of us.

Katy Perry 'would rather die than abstain from sex'

Popstar Kate Perry has laughed off reports suggesting that she's planning a vow of celibacy for 2009.

Instead, the babe insisted that she would rather die than abstain from sex.

The Naturally hitmaker, who split from Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy in December (08), had announced plans to remain celibate, saying "I've actually taken a vow of celibacy this year? No kissing anyone. Just my cat, Kitty Purry," reports The Daily Express.

However, now Katy stated that the comment was a joke and was not meant to be taken seriously.

"I am not going to be celibate. That was a joke, and any fine journalist would have got that. Please, celibacy for the whole year? I'd rather die.?" Katy told People.com


Sun Pictures likely to bag ‘Ninaithalae Inikkum’

Looks like they would be the only producer in town for the coming ages, as there are no mainstream producers in town. Fine! Don’t assume Sun Pictures to be the most successful producers churning out quality films. Their tactics are about bagging rights of the underrated flicks and promoting them in such an extent that they reach the masses all throughout the World.

After taking on with ‘Ayan’, discussions are going on between them to get the rights of ‘Ninaithalae Inikkum’ starring Prithviraj, Karthik, Sakthi and Priyamani in lead roles. The film is about cherishing moments of youngsters’ lives in college, theirs joy, pain, love and friendship. Of course, there’s something more than these attributes for the film is based on a suspense-mystery.

Valkyrie director Bryan Singer praises Tom Cruise

VALKYRIE'S director Bryan Singer acknowledges that his leading man Tom Cruise will always draw attention, but he says he has nothing but praise for the A-lister.
He might be best known for comic-book movies X-Men and Superman Returns, but Bryan Singer has been preparing to make an historical thriller such as Valkyrie ever since he was a child.

The director spent his school holidays making 8mm war movies in the back yard with his friend Christopher McQuarrie (who went on to write Singer's breakout hit, The Usual Suspects).

‘‘One summer he got into a little trouble and he had curfew,'' Singer recalls.

‘‘He wasn't allowed to leave the house at night so I would come over and we started writing
projects together.''

Looking back, Singer says he can see little evidence of nascent talent in the films they made at the time.

‘‘I just see kids who were very committed,'' he says. ‘‘And who were very risky with fireworks. We put them very close to our actors, who were the neighbourhood kids. Perhaps I'd not be so risky with people's safety these days.''

Now that Singer is directing A-list stars such as Tom Cruise in his war movies, the insurance guarantors would be making sure of this.

Still, Singer admits his lead actor, a very competent pilot, did take one of the 70-year-old planes used during the production of Valkyrie for a whirl.

Perhaps harking back to his boyhood roots, the filmmaker chose to use real planes, including vintage Junkers and Messerschmitts, and real explosions, instead of relying on visual effects.

‘‘It's hard to do make that stuff look real without really doing it,'' he says.

Valkyrie is based on the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a German officer who led a 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler.

The only computer-generated images in the film are those relating to von Stauffenberg's injuries -- he lost an eye, a hand and two fingers in battle.

The filmmakers copped flak for an early publicity shot that featured a heroic-looking Cruise in full uniform.

‘‘Someone said to me ‘Do you think the eye patch is a bit much?' '' Singer recalls.

‘‘I said ‘What am I supposed to do? That's what the guy looked like. He was missing his hand and two fingers on the other hand. Do I ignore that piece of history, too? Why not have him just kill Hitler while we're at it.' ''

Singer made a decision very early in the piece to stick closely to the facts.

‘‘When I got to Germany, I felt more compelled -- mostly for the sake of the German audiences who actually know the story and are very familiar with it -- to make the film as accurate as was humanly possible,'' he says.

Far from casting von Stauffenberg as a romantic war hero, Singer toned down some of his more macho moments.

‘‘There were things I actually left out because I knew people would think we were making them up,'' he says.

‘‘For example, when von Stauffenberg was injured, he refused any morphine and he did that very specifically because he didn't want to be addicted -- he needed to be focused, he needed to re-learn how to write. He needed to get back to work.

‘‘But imagine Tom Cruise saying ‘No morphine!' People would think it's a contrivance.''

Cruise's religious beliefs generated more criticism. In 2007, German officials spoke out against Scientology and initially refused to allow filming in Berlin's historic Bendlerblock building complex.

But Singer didn't pay the bad press and negative rumours too much attention.

‘‘You have to realise that I went through a period of extraordinary scepticism when I made the first X-Men movie. There hadn't been a comic-book film in a long time. I was not a comic-book fan . . .

‘‘So this was not unusual territory for me. Here was just a much more magnified version, because everything associated with Tom Cruise tends to get magnified.''

The public mood has now shifted and Valkyrie is being credited with spearheading Cruise's rehabilitation.

‘‘There has been a situation where his fame, his personality, has gone a little haywire, through no fault of his own. And people have reacted to that,'' Singer says.

‘‘Then they see him in a movie and they say ‘Oh yeah, I forgot, I like Tom Cruise'.

‘‘People have invested a lot in Tom as an actor, and as a character, in his movies, his choices, his performances.''

Singer also reckons the actor was a surprisingly good fit for the role.

‘‘Von Stauffenberg was very much a bright light among his fellow officers. There was a kind of energised, unique quality about him that Tom has as a person and an actor. And the physical resemblance is extraordinary.''

Like many Jews, Singer admits to a strange obsession with Nazi Germany.

‘‘I lost a huge portion of the history of my family. My mother's side is Russian and my father's is Polish,'' he says.

‘‘It's also important to remind people that in every army there are people who don't agree. And in the case of Nazi Germany, more than people realised.''

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eva Mendes crowned "most desirable" Woman

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has been named the Most Desirable Woman in the world by a new online survey by AskMen.com.“The Hitch” star topped a poll of more than seven million people beating the likes of beauties Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna, who could only manage the seventh and eight place respectively, reports contactmusic.com.

Mendes also left behind model-turned-actress Megan Fox, who was crowned last year’s Sexiest Woman In The World by FHM magazine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aishwarya Rai in the `Top 50 Most Desirable Woman in the World` list

Her acting skills might have been a topic of much debate but when it comes to her beautiful frame and drop dead gorgeous looks Aishwarya Rai leaves many behind. The actress who has time and again bagged praises from the who’s who of the entertainment industry has now left some of the most striking Hollywood babes behind in terms of looks.

The Bachchan bahu, has once again made her family proud, as she has made it to the `Top 50 Most Desirable Woman in the World`` list. A annual survey by a leading men’s portal AskMen.com poll asked it’s readers to select their ideal mate based on `intelligence, charisma and ambition` and Aishwarya Rai had many vouching for her.

Scoring over uber hot supermodel Karolina Kurkova and bootylicious singer Beyonce, Aishwarya Rai bagged the 48th position in the survey. Topped by Eva Mendez, the poll had top-notch names like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Gisele Bundchen fighting for the top position.

The top 50 are:

1 Eva Mendes
2 Megan Fox
3 Marisa Miller
4 Keeley Hazell
5 Anne Hathaway
6 Alessandra Ambrosio
7 Scarlett Johansson
8 Rihanna
9 Kristen Bell
10 Kate Beckinsale
11 Heidi Klum
12 Emmanuelle Chriqui
13 Halle Berry
14 Brooke Burke
15 Jessica Alba
16 Jessica Biel
17 Selita Ebanks
18 Monica Bellucci
19 Adriana Lima
20 Cheryl Cole
21 Doutzen Kroes
22 Evangeline Lilly
23 Lucy Pinder
24 Bianca Beauchamp
25 Penelope Cruz
26 Charlize Theron
27 Mila Kunis
28 Gisele Bundchen
29 Keira Knightley
30 Olga Kurylenko
31 Isla Fisher
32 Misa Campo
33 Denise Milani
34 Bar Refaeli
35 Christina Aguilera
36 Summer Glau
37 Layla Kayleigh
38 Katy Perry
39 Stacy Keibler
40 Odette Yustman
41 Hayden Panettiere
42 Angelina Jolie
43 Zoe Saldana
44 Sara Varone
45 Eva Longoria
46 Miranda Kerr
47 Carrie Underwood
48 Aishwarya Rai
49 Karolina Kurkova
50 Beyonce

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Actress NAINA Hot Stills

Aamir's new look in 3 Idiots

If there is one actor in Bollywood who works hard on his look for each of his movies it has to be Aamir Khan. Be it growing beard and hair for Mangal Pandey The Rising or building up eight pack abs for Ghajini Aamir has done it all. The perfectionist actor will soon be seen in a completely new look in Raj Kumar Hirani's 3 Idiots based on Chetan Bhagat's book Five Point Someone.

Aamir who plays a student in the movie has shed around 8 kgs to look lean and young. He said it it was very challenging to put on weight for a movie and shed it for the next. Interestingly Aami's character in the movie draws inspiration from the real life of Ghajini director A R Murugadoss. Aamir added that being an actor, his body was his instrument and he had to change his appearance for new roles. No wonder he is called the perfectionist actor in B Town.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vivek to do small screen serial

‘When Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh did it, why should I be an exception?’ says Actor Vivek who is reported to have shored himself on small screens. Recently, with Vivek getting flooded with more offers, he had eventually hiked his remuneration for which producers are unable to meet the ends. Likely, they have started looking forward for young and new comedy actors. With no choices left, Vivek approached a small screen series producer and discussed about launching a TV series based on the genre of comedy.

Finally, it’s a green signal for the actor who has started penning script for the show and soon official announcements would be made the producer on which channel it would be telecasted.

“ Kandasamy Movie” in trouble!

Vikram’s Kandasamy is all set to hit the screens worldwide.

Directed by Susi Ganesan, the trailers of this movie are already out in Telugu with the Telugu title as Mallanna

Susi is planning to shoot the final song at the end of this month and will move to the post production work in Chennai EFX studios.

Recently, this film was involved in a controversy as a person Elango had filed a case against the director for copying his film’s song. “Excuse Me Mr. Kandasamy…” is the cause for the trouble as the petition is there in the Madras high court. Elango is demanding a compensation of 1 lakh for copying the lyrics of his song.

Susi is confident that this matter will be solved peacefully and expects that the music of this film will hit the markets by January 31st.

Amy Winehouse voted 'Loser Of The Year'

British singer Amy Winehouse has been crowned Loser Of The Year for the second time.

The 25-year-old singer won the accolade at the Virgin Media Music Awards 2008, which were voted for by nearly three million members of the public, reports Contactmusic.

Leona Lewis scooped the Best UK Act gong, while The Saturdays won the Best New Act title.

Kylie Minogue was named Legend Of The Year, Best Album went to Kings of Leon's Only By The Night and the Best Track title was given to Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl'.

Meanwhile, the gong for Best Hanger On went to US heiress Paris Hilton.

Shahid, Vidya go out on a ‘friendly’ dinner

The two ‘ good friends’, Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapur, were spotted having a long dinner a few days ago and they didn’t seem worried about linkup rumours. Not shying away from the crowd, the duo chatted away happily at a lounge bar in Juhu.

Shahid and Vidya, who have been good friends ever since she gave him comfort during his break-up with Kareena Kapoor, mostly dine with their group of friends. The two are rarely seen without an entourage.

“They stayed away from the media limelight because their link-up publicity during Kismat Konnection had made them uncomfortable. Now that Shahid is single and is not dating Sania Mirza either, they have renewed their friendship,” says a source.

Shilpa Shetty to go bald

Shilpa Shetty’s long and luscious tresses may soon go. Buzz is that she will soon go the Shabana-Nandita way. The two actresses had shaved off their hair for Deepa Mehta’s Water. It’s another matter that ‘Water’ never got made with them. Shilpa Shetty will start shooting for her most challenging role in Malayalam director, R Sarath’s English language film ‘Desire’ this week. Apparently a part of the film requires her to shave off her hair.

When we check with Shilpa Shetty, she laughs and says, “I can’t reveal everything about my role. If I tell you everything now why would you watch the film? But yes, this is by far the most challenging role of my career. It takes me through ten turbulent years of my character’s life. It’s a very intense love story between me and my Chinese co-star, Xia Yu.”

Shilpa Shetty hasn’t met Xia Yu yet. “Our shooting starts this week in Kerala. Then we shoot in Kuala Lampur.” Apparently permission to shoot the film in China was denied.

What Shilpa Shetty really liked about the role is that it allowed her to learn Odissi. “I have been a Bharatnatyam dancer all my life. In ‘Desire’ I play an Odissi dancer, and I had to unlearn everything I knew about the classical dance and start from scratch. It has been quite a daunting experience.”

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shahid's date with Vidya in Mumbai

Shahid Kapoor has been dillydallying with his love life for a while now. After his breakup with Kareena Kapoor, there was a buzz that he was close to Amrita Rao, then Vidya Balan, followed by Sania Mirza and Priyanka Chopra Some said that he was close to Priyanka now but it seems his friendship with Kismet Konnection co-star Vidya Balan is still going strong too.

Shahid was seen with the much mature looking Vidya at Aurus, a Juhu lounge bar in Mumbai recently. When both came to Aurus, the table was already booked on Shahid's name, as he had made the reservation himself.

He was dressed in a brown jacket and dark blue jeans and black shoes. Shahid arrived on his sports bike and Vidya came in her car wearing a yellow suit. The table was away from the common area..

A source has said, "Shahid and Vidya have had been out for dinners in the past but with common friend designer Shabina Khan and others. However, this was the first time they were spotted having dinner all by themselves". It's been said that they ordered dinner with dessert. They didn't seem to be in a rush and stayed on till very late in the night.

The buzz is that Tabu was sitting a few tables away from them. She apparently noticed the duo but did not go to join them. Basically Shahid and Vidya enjoyed each other's company without a care in the world. Post his break up, Shahid sure has been having an interesting love life. We wonder what the next twist is going to be.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Madonna's nude picture up for sale

A nude picture of Madonna, taken when the queen of pop was a struggling dancer in New York in 1979, is expected to sell for at least $10,000,auction house Christie's said.

Madonna received $25 in payment for the modelling session, after answering a newspaper ad by photographer Lee Friedlander. The results of the session were published in Playboy magazine in 1985.

The full-frontal nude print, which is said to be the most revealing of the series, will be sold on February 12 in New York, with many expecting Madonna herself to be among the high bidders.

Also up for sale is a later photo of a lingerie-clad Madonna by Helmut Newton, which is expected to fetch up to $15,000.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vijay Anthony To Compose Vettaikkaran Vijay Movie

Actor Vijay will play the title role in AVM Balasubramaniam's production venture 'Vettaikaran'. The movie starring Tollywood heroine Anushka is expected go to the shooting floors very soon.

Vijay Antony, who shot to absolute stardom with the peppy number 'Nakka Mukka' in 'Kadhil Vizhunthein', will be scoring music for the movie. A thrilled Vijay Antony exuded confidence that all the songs would come good.

'Working with Vijay is in itself a great feeling. I hope I will bring out the album with top quality' he said. Vijay Anthony was introduced to cinema by Vijay's father and popular director S. A. Chandrasekharan.

'Vettaikaran' is Vijay's 49th film. His 50th film however is to be produced by his father.

Dhanush’s next film

Just like their previous venture Yaradi Nee Mohini, a remake of Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule, this film too will be the remake of a popular Tollywood movie. With its simple yet beautiful screenplay that pivots around a sprightly young man, the Telugu blockbuster Arya (Allu Arjun) grabbed the attention of Jawahar and Dhanush and they decided to remake it.

Previously, we reported that Nayantara and Shriya are under consideration for the heroine’s role and that the scales seem to tip in favour of Shriya. Well, our assumption has turned out right – it is Shriya Saran who will pair up with Dhanush in his upcoming film. This is good news to all those who enjoyed their onscreen chemistry in Thiruvilayadal Aarambam.

Dhanush will also act opposite Andrea in his brother Selvaraghavan’s next film, Idhu Malai Nerathu Mayakkam.

No breather for Aishwarya Rai in 2009

It is going to be a very busy year for Aishwarya Rai. She not only has Mani Ratnam's gruelling "Ravan" with husband Abhishek Bachchan to complete, she also begins work on Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next movie, with Hrithik Roshan, to be shot in Goa.

But before that she goes into filmmaker Vipul Shah's next film with Akshay Kumar in the lead. Both Vipul and Akshay, who are co-producing the film, were very keen to get Aishwarya for what they describe as a genre-breaking drama.

Aishwarya has also signed up Excel Entertainment's untitled thriller to be directed by Abhinay Deo, who is currently busy shooting his directorial debut "Delhi Belly".

For the film, Aishwarya will once again team up with hubby Abhishek.

Confirming the news, Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment said: "It would be a very stylish thriller to be shot entirely in Greece, Thailand, Istanbul and London.

"My director Abhinay Deo and I want a particular look for the film. We're trying to get the DOP (director of photography) of the new Nike international commercial. If not, there's Jason West who shot our 'Rock On!'. He can capture that subtle sleek look which the subject demands. We want the film's visual quality to be something never experienced by our audience."

The film would be Aishwarya's second with Abhishek after "Ravan".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mother India releases 'Fitting Master' abroad

Mother India Movies Distributors one of the leading movie makers in Andhra Pradesh, for the first time with the movie called 'Fitting Master' produced by E.V.V Cinema, is getting into Overseas Market for small budget Telugu Movie distribution ship. 'Fitting Master' directed by E.V.V Satyanarayan who is into direction of Telugu Movies from past 2 decades.

'Fitting Master' directed by Mr.E.V.V Satyanarayan has given hits in telugu movies such as 'Hello Brother', 'Intlo Illalu - Vantintlo Priyuralu'. The main protagonists are Allari Naresh and Madalasha Sharma. Allari Naresh is one of the top comedy and family entertainment actor now days in telugu movies, he had 8 release last yr, out of which 4 were super hits.

Mother India Movies Distributors is goingto release it in total seven centers throughout USA which includes Virginia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Detriot, Bay Area and Houston, so that can capture more number of audiences across.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hollywood actresses in ‘Chennai Pattanam’

Venkat Prabhu has been making high promos that Hollywood actress Jessica would be a part in his next film ‘Goa’. Perhaps, it may happen soon as Warner Bros are in talks with the actress discussing the script. But much prior to it, Director Vijay (Kireedom and Poi Solla Porom) has roped in Hollywood actresses for his forthcoming Period film ‘Chennai Pattanam’.

Aarya plays lead role in the film and since the story is set at the backdrops of pre-independence era, the film has Hollywood Actress Luciana and talks are going on with 3 other actresses. Sooner, things would be finalized and now the director is on for fixing locations at Chennai and Bangalore.

Why Divya denied acting with Vijay?

‘It is my policy not to appear in item numbers. I will never do it at any cost. This was the only reason behind denying to appear for a song sequence with Vijay in Villu’, Divya Spandana (formerly ‘Kuthu’ Ramya) has said.

Stating that she however would like to do Vijay’s heroine, the actress claimed herself a fan of the actor. ‘I will certainly not reject had I come across an offer to play Vijay’s ladylove,’ she said.

On her forthcoming film Kadhal to Kalyanam, she said, ‘Manirathnam’s associate Milind Rao is directing the movie. I am doing a meaty role opposite Arya’s younger brother Sathya. I am playing the role of an associate with a corporate firm.’

Lara Dutta’s item song in Luck

Lara Dutta will sizzle in an item number with Imran Khan for Soham Shah’s film titled Luck. Lara has done item numbers earlier, the most popular being Aisa Jaadu Dala Re from Khakee.

She had worked with Soham in his debut venture Kaal. The song has been composed by Salim-Sulaiman.

Lara will also be seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s Biloo Barber and Ashtavinayak Films’ Blue with Sanjay Dutt.
Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s daughter Shruti Haasan makes her debut in Bollywood with the film Luck. Shot extensively in South Africa, the film also stars Mithun Chakrabothy and Danny Denzongpa.

Geri Halliwell getting engaged?

Geri Halliwell has sparked rumours of an impending engagement with alleged beau club owner Nick House after she was spotted checking out rings in London

Geri, who recently spent a romantic Christmas in Dubai with House, reportedly spent an hour just gazing at potential male wedding bands at a jeweler’s in London’s diamond district, Hatton Garden.

“Geri was certainly taking her time over it,” the Sun quoted a fellow-shopper, as saying.

“She may have been helping a mate or just killing time, but from the look in her eyes I reckon she’s hoping to be back in the shop with her credit card soon,” the fellow-shopper added.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow Rekha Stills Looks Hot | 54 or 24 ?

Rekha is giving Madonna a run for her money. Look at her awesome body even at the age of 54. She is surely looking better than many 25+ actresses like Vidya Balan and Ayesha Takia, personality wise!! You like?

42 Kms tracks Anil Ambani's life

As is known by now, 42 Kms is a movie that depicts the life of five different people. While Mandira Bedi is a house wife, Sammir Dattani is a football player, Purab Kohli is a village boy and Prashant Chainani a college bunker. However, the most unusual story is that of Bikram Saluja who plays a business tycoon. And that's because Bikram's character in the movie is inspired by Anil Ambani.

Says a source attached to the film, "Yes, this is indeed true. We have modeled the character graph of Bikram in a manner similar to that of Mr. Anil Ambani. In the film Bikram Saluja is shown playing a business tycoon who has to face a challenge of getting fitter."

He goes on to narrate an anecdote in Bikram's life which is taken from the real life situation that Ambani faced a few years back when he was a little overweight. "In the film it is shown that foreign investors refuse to invest in his company as they feel the person with whom they are dealing with is not even capable of taking care of his own health. They are apprehensive that this may not really augur well with their collaboration with the company."

In an earlier interview Mr. Anil Ambani too had shared on a TV channel that such an incident had indeed happened in his life. This is what kick started his quest to loose weight for which he had started running for miles every day in order to prepare for the Boston marathon.

Bikram Saluja confirms the anecdote, "Yes, my storyline is similar to that of Anil Ambani. However, it is not an exact copy though it is certainly similar."

Says Nisha Chainani, the film's director, "All the characters in the film are inspired by someone or the other. I had myself run the marathon and that’s what gave me an idea of making a movie about it. I have tried to bring in some of my own experiences in the film as well as that of the people I knew."

Since Bikram Saluja's character goes through a massive weight loss in the film, he has two distinct looks in the film - that of a fat man and then a suave good looking business.

Inspired by the Mumbai & Delhi marathon, 42 Kms will be releasing on January 23, 2009.

The shooting of the song starrer Hrithik Roshan called off due to rain

Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming film is ‘Luck By Chance’ and a song had to be shot on Hrithik Roshan but the shooting had to be cancelled due to heavy rain.It is said that rain spoiled the whole set.

The entire set began to leak and Gaffer was in trouble that this may incur short circuit. There was a black out as all the lights were off due to rain.

According to producer Ritesh Sidhwanit, “It was raining massively the day shooting started for a song and the entire set was washed out. The shooting was that of a circus which was wet in water.

Suddenly we had to cut off all the power supply and the shooting had to be called off.The script of the film is written by Farhan Akhtar’s sister Zoya Akhtar. Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are in special appearances. The Film will hit the theatres on January 30 and is presented by Big Pictures. Konkona Sen is playing a lead role in the film opposite Farhan Akhtar.

A R Rahman becomes first Indian to win Golden Globe Best Music For The Movie Slumdog Millionaire

Music maestro A R Rahman created history on Sunday night as he became the first Indian to win the prestigious Golden Globe awards for best original music score for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire.

The film, with strong Indian connections, emerged as a hot favourite at the Globe, which sets the countdown for next month's Academy awards.

Rahman's song 'Jai Ho,' penned by lyricist Gulzar, was nominated for Best Original Music Score.

'Slumdog' is based on a novel by Indian diplomat Vikash Swarup and stars Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan in lead among others.

Boyle's feel-good film depicts the moving story of a slumdweller Jamaal, who goes on to win USD 20 million on Indian reality show 'Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?' in a bid to win his love back.

Golden Globe Award Winners: A Complete List

The 2009 Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday night, and among the questions were: would Heath Ledger win a posthumous Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight? Read on ...

Indeed, the Golden Globe Awards, which some call a rehearsal for the Academy Awards, did see a posthumous award given to Heath Ledger, for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

At the same time, Stephen Spielberg joined the list of 2009 Golden Globe Award winners, though in a lifetime category: the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Kate Winslet won two awards, one for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, and for Best Actress, Motion Picture, Drama.

Here is a full list of the 2009 Golden Globe Award winners:

Best Motion Picture, Drama
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actor, Motion Picture, Drama
Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler

Best Television Series, Drama
Mad Men

Best Actress, Motion Picture, Drama
Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Best Actor, Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

Colin Farrell, In Bruges

Best Director, Motion Picture

Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actress, Television Series, Musical or Comedy

Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Best Original Score, Motion Picture

A.R. Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical

30 Rock

Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television

Paul Giamatti, John Adams

Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Best Screenplay

Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actress, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Laura Linney, John Adams

Best Foreign-Language Film
Waltz With Bashir, Israel

Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture

Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
John Adams

Best Actress, Comedy or Musical

Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky

Best Motion Picture, Animated


Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama

Anna Paquin, True Blood

Actor in a Television Series, Drama
Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment

Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Laura Dern, Recount

Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie

Tom Wilkinson, John Adams

Original Song

"The Wrestler," The Wrestler; music and lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Supporting Actress, Motion Picture

Kate Winslet, The Reader

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ambika's son to be launched soon

The queen of the Tamil Film Industry in the eighties, Ambika retuned to acting a few years ago. Unfortunately for her, she just couldn't bag interesting roles and so ended up performing 'forgettable' miniscule roles.

But then the lady who starred alongside Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth in many films seems to be turning the spotlight on someone else. Plans are on to introduce her son, a Non Resident Indian who lives in the United States of America to Tamil Cinema. Sources say that Ambika is determined to introduce her son as hero to the masses in a big way so much so that the lad has landed in Chennai.

It is interesting to note that Radha, sister and popular heroine of the eighties has given the go-ahead to her daughter to act in a Telugu film alongside Nag Chaitanya (son of Nagarjuna).

Looks like it's time for the next generation to take their places

Hrithik Roshan Turns 35 Today | Happy Birthday

It's been a great year for Hrithik Roshan. He turns 35 today

On March 28, 2006, he became the proud father of a baby boy, Hrehaan.

He's starred in two superhit films -- Krrish and Dhoom.

And there is the enviable Rs 35 crores (Rs 350 million)-three film deal he has reportedly signed with the Anil Ambani-controlled Adlabs group that would make him the highest paid actor in Bollywood.

Professionally and personally, last year could not have been better for Bollywood's blue-eyed boy.

Today, Bollywood's bicep-flexing hunk turns 35. Please Wish Duggu a Happy Birthday by writing comments

I Wish u Happy Birthday

Friday, January 9, 2009

Secret behind Sangeetha And Krish Wedding

Despite opposition from his parents, singer Krish is getting ready for the nuptial knot with his ladylove Sangeetha. The wedding is scheduled to take place on 1 February at Thiruvannamalai.

Circles close to the couple said that the temple town was selected as the venue of their wedding just because of the wish of a godman called Rajkumar Sidhar, one of the Gurus of Krish.

‘Krish is an ardent follower of the saint. So he okayed Thiruvannamalai without any second thought,’ it is said.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sambhavna angry over Ishita...

Arguments and drama are part of every reality show on Television, and COLORS’ Dancing Queen will witness the same this week!!

According to our source, “There was a huge argument between Sambhavna Seth and Ishita Arun this week. Ishita performed on a Salsa number for which she took the help of Shweta Menon’s choreographer who is very good with Salsa. However, Sambhavna who always raises her voice against any wrong doing felt that this was not fair”.

We called Sambhavna to get her take on the incident. “We all are good dancers, and if we take the help of a professional to teach us a particular style, we will certainly perform exceptionally well. Ishita took the help of Shweta Menon’s choreo who is a professional Salsa dancer. Come on, it is a competition and we need to play the game fair and straight”, quips Sambhavna.

“I think the mentors should understand this and move on”, adds Sambhavna.

Well, to know how this fight unfolds, tune in to Dancing Queen this Friday at 10 PM only on COLORS….

Source: IndiaFourms

Akshay engaging in a passionate lip lock with Denise Richards

Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar is well-known for 2 things- his ability to do death-defying stunts and his charming ways which could sweep any gorgeous woman off her feet.

The Superstar's last few films may have seen him more in action or comedy roles but there is a romantic side to Akshay too which can't be easily forgotten. Now in his forthcoming film Kambakht Ishq, Akshay would be seen romancing none other than the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor.

However, it's not Akki's chemistry with Bebo that's being discussed here. Apart from Kareena, Akki would be seen cozying up to yet another hottie and its none other than Hollywood star Denise Richards.

We came across this startling picture of Akshay engaged in a passionate lip lock with Denise. Also, we can't help but wonder what wifey dearest Twinkle's first reaction would be on seeing this pic?

If this picture is any indication of things to come, expect a scorching hot summer when Kambakht Ishq opens across cinemas this May.

Padikathavan Censored

The Pongal race is toughening with an increase in the announcements of more releases for the harvest festival. Now that Villu and Naan Kadavul are sure shot releases for Pongal, Padikathavan is also on its way to join the race after being censored. The movie was subjected to the censor scissors recently and was granted a U/A certificate with minimum cuts.

Directed by Suraj, Padikathavan stars Dhanush and Tamanna in lead roles and also has Vivek and Suman playing significant roles. Scored by Mani Sharma, the movie is produced by Vijaya Productions.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Wednesday with Kamal Haasan and Mohan Lal

Of course, Kamal Haasan would’ve felt Mohan Lal suits well for the role of police commissioner. Yeah, with his ‘Marmayogi’ getting shelved and no news about ‘Thalaivan Irukiran’, Kamal Haasan is soon to deliver a good news for all his fans. He is involved in talks with UTV Motion Pictures of remaking the previous year’s blockbuster ‘A Wednesday’.

Kamal Haasan plays the role of a stranger who plants bombs across various parts of the city and threatens police commissioner (Mohan Lal) he would blast the entire city if he doesn’t release the most wanted criminals in town. Finally, things aren’t happening as you expected.

Till now, rest of the casts and crew including director of the film isn’t confirmed. However on both the ends of UTV and Kamal Haasan, sources are not revealing about the happening facts and hope soon finalized announcements would be made…

Craig Ferguson Married! (Photos)

Craig Ferguson Married! (Photos)

Craig Ferguson Married to Megan Wallace Cunningham. The wedding happened in Vermont during the holidays. Craig Ferguson announced the Marriage on The Late Show this January 5. Congratulations to Craig and Megan. We will try to find Craig Ferguson wedding photos and will update when we secure them.