Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ameesha Patel sizzles on Cover of 'Man's World' Magazine

Ameesha Patel sizzles on the cover page of the latest issue of the magazine 'Man's World'.

Vaaranam Aayiram Movie Photo Gallery

Jean Garcia goes Topless on FHM October 2008

Now, Jean Garcia in the flesh, literally. Looks like Madam Claudia hasn't aged a bit in this photos. Still sexylicious, juicylicious and drool worthy.

Expect the inside photos of Jean Garcia in our post in the succeeding days

Aishwarya Rai Photo shoot Vogue cover October 2008

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is going to sizzle on the cover of India fashion and style magazine Vogue special issue on its first anniversary in india.

She looks beautiful on the cover page wearing a Christain Dior Fall 2008 Couture strapless gown.
Vogue is one of the world’s best known fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ajit & Gautham come together in Surangani

It is the most exciting project on the floor. Ajit, the most handsome and dashing hero of Tamil cinema is going to be directed with the director's director Gautham Vasudeva Menon in a film to be produced by Sivaji Productions Ram Kumar.

Gautham has given it a catchy title Surangani. Sivaji Productions is now negotiating with the producer who has registered this title for another film. The shoot of this film will start on November 1 in Chennai.

Surangani is going to be Ajit's next film after Aegan. According to sources close to the unit, Ajit has been bowled over by Gautham's script. Ajit it seems is going to play a deadly gangster in the film. It is about man who rises from humble beginnings, to become the biggest don in the world, while Sameera Reddy will play the role of the gangster's moll.

The film will have music by Harris Jayaraj, and camera is by Ajit's favourite Nirav Shah the man who gave that slick look to Billa. The film will be shot at one go, and will be ready for an April 14, 2009 release.

Bharath and Priyamani together before marriage

This sounds quite dizzy, frizzling up your senses. But, not in mere real life that bharath and Priyamani are living together.

‘Aarumugam’ featuring both of them in lead role has imposed such kind of charactrerization in the frame. According to the story, Bharath plays a owner of roadside Idli shop and his only aim is to fulfill his mother’s dream. Living together with his sister Sharanya, Bharath’s only interest is Priyamani and both live together without getting married. This is something clich├ęd and more times we have seen in many flicks and Director Suresh Krishna uses it for publicity factor.

Bharath needs to compete with a big shop and that’s not possible. So, its gets on the with the direct clash between Ramya Krishnan, owner of the shop and her role in this film will surely enthrall the audiences, says the director.

The film is produced by Cool Productions that earlier churned out ‘Pidichirukku’ and at present, ‘Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar’. Suresh Krishna directs the film and his blockbusters like ‘Satya’, ‘Baasha’, ‘Annamalai’ and more are unforgettable.

Bipasha is Jerry's sexual fantasy in PANKH

Bips aka Bipasha Basu is all set to cast her "jaadu and nasha" on screen once again. This time it is in Sanjay Gupta's Pankh directed by Sudipto Chattopadhyay. Interestingly, Bipasha is a mere fantasy of the 20-year-old protagonist Jerry (Maradona Rebello) and does not actually exist in the film.

Explaining the complexity of the story director Chattopadhyay said, "Bipasha is Jerry's fantasy who exists only his mind. She is his alter-ego and loves to provoke him at a drop of her hat." Sudipto further explains, "The character of Jerry is very complexed. The film shows him as a famous child artiste who crossed dressed as a girl. Thus he is confused about his identity. There's a song, Jiya na
Jala, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, where he fantasizes Bipasha seducing him, creating confusion in his mind about his real identity whether he is a man, woman or an eunuch. But Bipasha seduces him completely and is his sexual fantasy. Bipasha is his only solace from the ugly reality of life."

The director reveals that he and designers Rocky S and Gavin Miguel worked hard on Bipasha's look in the film. "We wanted Bipasha to look like a Diva a la Sophia Loren and Liza Minelli in Cabaret. Also we had lengthy discussions on the scenes. And during the shoot Bipasha got so in with her character that as if she was visible only to Jerry and completely unaware of the actor's presence on the sets. Her entire attitude and behavior while playing the character made the entire experience very interesting."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kadhalil Vizhunthen Movie Photo Gallery

Sibiraj Revathi Honeymoon Trip to Europe?

Sibiraj Sathyaraj son recently got married with Revathi and her reception was grandly celebrated with almost all the celebrities present on the day.

Sibiraj married Revathi after 8years love between them. When asked about Sibiraj Honeymoon trip and smilingly he says that he has plans to travel one of the European countries which Revathi Sibiraj not yet visited.

After his honeymoon trip Sibiraj is ready to do his new flick for Gaurav and Sourav Sharma’s production.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aadhinarayana Movie Photo Gallery

Sakkarakatti - Preview

Starring: Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Ishitha, Vedhika

Direction: Kalaprabhu

Music: A.R.Rahman

Production: Dhanu

Youth, energy, freshness- Sakkarakatti seems to be full of it. It has got debutants galore but they are by no means strangers to the industry. When Sakkarakatti releases this Friday, Kalaprabhu and Shanthanu will have to live up to their famous surnames; now that is an onerous responsibility considering that their surnames are Dhanu and Bhagyaraj respectively, names that are well etched in Tamil cinema.

Sakkarakatti, the name sounds sweet and the movie looks the same, though we have not seen anything but a few stills. One hero, two heroines, Ishitha and Vedhika tells us that romance has got to be the central theme of the movie,a theme that youth from all parts of the state can identify with and enjoy irrespective of the cast. So, if well handled the movie does stand a good chance at the box office.

Talking of chances at the box office, we generally talk about that for a movie teeming with debutants. But, in the case of Sakkarakatti, one man’s presence seems to have made up for all that. It is rare for a debutant to get A.R.Rahman to score for his movie and that singularly has made Sakkarakatti hot with the youth and the trade. Rahman has really turned it on in the album, giving it the complete youth feel. ‘Taxi’ is already rocking dance clubs and discos, Chinnamma Chilakamma is making a mark and the melodies are finding their way into the hearts of the youth slowly but surely.

With no disregard to the young team, Rahman’s music seems to be the sole talking point of the movie at this point of time. If the team has managed to pull of a good one on screen, then one never knows, coupled with the Rahman factor, they could spring one of the biggest surprises of recent times. Success is sweet, Sakkarakatti may be sweeter.

Rakhi Sawant to lead ICL cheerleaders

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) Tuesday unveiled its indigenous cheerleaders‘ squad ICL Zeebras that will be led by Bollywood oomph star Rakhi Sawant as its ‘Queen Cheerleader‘.

The squad will be present at every match of the second season of the league that begins at Hyderabad Oct 10, an ICL statement Tuesday said.

"Cheerleading is not just tamasha (mindless drama). It is a sport by itself. Until now, it was the exclusive domain of the international cheerleading troupes. But, thanks to ICL, this country will now have an indigenous cheerleaders‘ squad," Sawant said in the statement.

The ICL Zeebra squad comprises eight other cheerleaders - Ritika, Preeti, Jessica, Geeta, Richa, Sharvari, Jayshree and Sangeeta. They will perform across all the match venues of Gurgaon, Panchkula, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

Sawant has personally auditioned and hand-picked the squad members and their performances will be designed by a Mumbai-based choreographer.

"It was after my performance at Panchkula during ICL‘s Season 1 that I saw a huge opportunity for a possible Indian cheerleading squad,‘ the actress said.

"That dialogue resumed a few months later and culminated in the formation of the ICL Zeebras. I can‘t wait to don my Zeebra outfit and break into a jig every time Rohan (Gavaskar) or Raviraj (Patil) hits a six. I am sure, this will be one cheerleading squad that the country will remember for a long time," she added.

Shariq Patel, ICL‘s senior vice president (Marketing & Operations), said: "Cheerleaders have a significant role to play in the modern context of sports. The ICL Zeebras squad includes some extremely talented and graceful dancers. I am confident that this synergistic initiative between cricket and entertainment will formulate a completely new experience for sports fans of the country.

"Our new initiative ‘Cricket Hai Meri Life‘ has been supported with a Rs.50 crore (Rs. 500 million) marketing campaign. This will be the new mantra for young cricketers at ICL," Patel added.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that governs the game in India has barred ICL players from turning out in domestic and international matches. At BCCI‘s instance, the governing boards of other cricket playing nations have declared a similar ban.

BCCI conducts the official Indian Premier League (IPL) that was a roaring success at its inaugural season earlier this year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Endhiran Shooting Stills Leaked

Endhiran shooting stills from Peru got leaked in the internet yesterday. These stills look like taken by someone working with the crew using a mobile phone. Shooting of a duet song featuring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai was going on.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaika and Amrita at the Grand Finale of Zara Nach Ke Dikha

Malaika and Amrita sparkle at the grand finale of Zara Nach Ke Dikha. Amrita Arora joined her sister to decide the fate of the dance competition contestants. The dance reality show on Star One has been immensely popular with South Asian audiences worldwide.

Sharadha Das Actress Masti Stills