Monday, December 29, 2008

Namitha warns Her Co-Actresses

Namitha the large asset actress of south Indian film industry is said to be a cautious actress these days. According to sources, se is searching her location changing room and her caravan thoroughly for any kind of spy cameras and such electronic gadgets in order to eliminate any future video controversies.

A week ago there were rumors that her dress changing video is on the internet and youngsters are thronging to download it free of cost. Initially, it was passed down as a rumor, but when enquired the video clipping existed for a couple of days on a prominent international website with a tag line of “Indian Actress Dress Change Video”. The video clipping depicted a bulky, but well shaped lady changing her dress and she was witnessed for few seconds on her panty. Her large sized breasts were clearly visible.

Making it out from her facial features, it was guessed that the she was Namitha and this news soon reached the ears of the gorgeous beauty and from then she has turned a bit cautious and is also advising her co- actresses to get thoroughly checked the make up rooms and the caravans thus to avoid any kind of spy cameras which could clip them without clothes.

Earlier, Trisha was also a victim of spy cam controversies as she was involved in a bathing video which she later on confirmed to be unfortunately true.

So, all you leading and upcoming actress beware about the spy cameras in your hotel rooms, caravans, and on locations as the spy cameras are on the prowl for celebrity victims.

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