Saturday, January 24, 2009

Katy Perry 'would rather die than abstain from sex'

Popstar Kate Perry has laughed off reports suggesting that she's planning a vow of celibacy for 2009.

Instead, the babe insisted that she would rather die than abstain from sex.

The Naturally hitmaker, who split from Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy in December (08), had announced plans to remain celibate, saying "I've actually taken a vow of celibacy this year? No kissing anyone. Just my cat, Kitty Purry," reports The Daily Express.

However, now Katy stated that the comment was a joke and was not meant to be taken seriously.

"I am not going to be celibate. That was a joke, and any fine journalist would have got that. Please, celibacy for the whole year? I'd rather die.?" Katy told


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