Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sambhavna angry over Ishita...

Arguments and drama are part of every reality show on Television, and COLORS’ Dancing Queen will witness the same this week!!

According to our source, “There was a huge argument between Sambhavna Seth and Ishita Arun this week. Ishita performed on a Salsa number for which she took the help of Shweta Menon’s choreographer who is very good with Salsa. However, Sambhavna who always raises her voice against any wrong doing felt that this was not fair”.

We called Sambhavna to get her take on the incident. “We all are good dancers, and if we take the help of a professional to teach us a particular style, we will certainly perform exceptionally well. Ishita took the help of Shweta Menon’s choreo who is a professional Salsa dancer. Come on, it is a competition and we need to play the game fair and straight”, quips Sambhavna.

“I think the mentors should understand this and move on”, adds Sambhavna.

Well, to know how this fight unfolds, tune in to Dancing Queen this Friday at 10 PM only on COLORS….

Source: IndiaFourms

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