Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bhuvaneshwari compares herself with Jennifer Lopez

Bhuvaneshwari, who is a well known face on television circuit, is the hot spice of tollywood these days. Some sources reveal that this busty lady is miffed up with her film career and so is option for weight loss of at least 10 kilos.

When contacted Bhuvaneshwari confirmed this news and said that she is determined to have a toned up belly region. She even commented on her own bust and hips and praised them to be in power with of a Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez. Bhuvaneshwari, who is a married divorcee in real life, has a strong desire to become a big actress in the film industry. She ventured into Malluwood and also kollywood, but due to her vixen looks she was given the character of ill charactered lady till date.

In order to break the jinx, Bhuvana is planning to reduce her flab around her belly and is seeking an herbal therapy. She is planning to go to USA and is trying to hook some Telugu NRI’s for some acting opportunities.

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