Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bhagyashree is making a comeback in a new avataar

Just when she is making a comeback to Bollywood in a new glam and sêxy avataar, comes the gossip that actress Bhagyashree is splitting with husband Himalay.

A TV channel spun the tale further by alleging that she had walked out of her marriage and was, therefore, getting a makeover done and returning to films.

Bhagyashree is furious. “Himalay and I were interviewed on two separate occasions and asked general questions about my make-over and films, but the interviews were edited to appear as if we had split,” she said. “Himalay was upset. I told him, ‘Chill, we are watching the programme together under one blanket, what more do you want’?”

The actress is contemplating legal action against the media house that ran this story. But BT asked the all-important question, given the fact that Bhagyashree had turned her back on Bollywood in the past because she only wanted do act opposite Himalay is her return to films the cause of any friction between the couple? “No,” she laughed, “Himalay is happy with my make-over, I’m good arm candy for him, he feels like he has a new woman in his life now.”

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