Friday, October 3, 2008

Super hot Mallika’s slimy new avatar!

At last a director has given Mallika Sherawat the look of her career: naagin, the snakewoman. It's called Hisss, and you have to admit she looks scary and sexy at the same time in this still. The director? None other than Jennifer Lynch, daughter of the cult American filmmaker, David Lynch. Many years ago, Jennifer had made Boxing Helena, another twisted erotic thriller. Mallika plays a snake who can transform herself into a stunningly beautiful woman, and then turn back into a half snake, half woman.

The make up effects are by Robert Kurtzman, the artist behind Vanilla Sky and Evil Dead. The kind of make-up used is MUFX (prosthetic make-up) which is a technology that has won numerous awards. Two make-up artists have been working on Mallika's look and the material she wears is so slimy that at times it just sticks to the skin. Hiss will also star Irfan Khan. Hiss is a joint Bollywood/Hollywood co-production with Govind Menon and as producers.

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