Monday, October 20, 2008

‘I had a crush on Urmila’

Ashish Chowdhary
After his last movie Dhamaal bombed at the box-office, Ashish is keeping his fingers crossed as he needs a hit to prove his credentials as an actor to be taken seriously.

Having worked with a market research firm, ask him what motivated him to opt for Bollywood, he replies with a gentle smile, “I am an introvert by nature and no one thought that I had a desire to act until I returned to India after I completed my course on film direction in the US. I learnt film making at the New York Film Academy. Even when I was studying film making I used to peep into the acting sessions and tried to grasp what the students were taught.”

Even though he did not receive rave reviews for his acting quotient, Ashish confesses that he feels proud to be a goodlooking guy. When you ask him if he enjoys the company of women, he admits he does, “feel lucky to have worked with many gorgeous women of Bollywood. I had a crush on Urmila (Matondkar) after I watched the movie Jaanam Samjha Karo.” It seems that Urmila too is aware that he was smitten by her.

Talking about his marriage and personal life Ashish says, “Had I not been married I would have been the centre of attraction and would be seen dating many women. Who knows, I would have been surrounded by a bevy of nubile young women.”

What does this hunk do movies apart? The answer is surprising, “I splurge. I run an advertising agency which has made 25 ad films so far. One of my films was nominated for ABBY Awards too.”

What about his passion to drive? “To go on a long drive in my Merc.”

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