Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Actress Archana's Nude Scenes Taking Rounds?

Telugu Cine Actress Veda’s alleged nude scenes are in private circulation as per the talk. She has not yet come on record to deny they are not hers. It is believed, the boy who was on her bed, clandestinely recorded it through cell phone camera.

Though she is good looking and talented, she couldn’t surge ahead as fast as her counterparts.

Veda changed her name thrice hoping a swift in her fortune. She was introduced to the screen as Veda. Then she added a suffix to reveal her community and became Veda Sastry. Now she wants to on the top alphabetically and changed her name to Archana.

Is the circulation of these nude scenes to boost up her image too? Trisha too gained reputation after ‘bath room’ scenes those were believed to be hers were circulated.

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