Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pregnancy And Abortion For Meera Jasmine?

She has been known for her fine dancing abilities and then she was suddenly seen in a flurry of films that sent a message that here is someone who seems to have a strong future in the Telugu industry. Her forte lied mostly in the comedy movies these days and she managed to extract few smiles with her performance too.

However, it was being noticed that Meera Jasmine has been putting on so much wait and was staying away from the media glare or the flashlights of the camera. Sources close to her say that the actress has ended up getting pregnant and with no other choice she has now gone in for an abortion too.

This is one reason why so many changes on her body are happening and if all this is true then it is really sad to notice that someone who had the brightest potential has ended up in the beds of the hospital. One hope that this pretty girl bounces back just like before and proves her mettle.

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