Saturday, November 29, 2008

Actress To Go Nude On Dec 31st

Actress Kashmira Shah has been around for all this while but has been maintaining a low profile for some months. But news is that she is likely to explode this New Year in a never seen fashion. Kashmira has been booked to do an item number at one of Mumbai's grand New Year show.

Kashmira is expected to do her usual nakhara with a lot of jhatak and matak. But at the end of the show a drama is likely to be enacted which would look as a faux pas. The actresses dress would come off and she would be exposed in the nude.

But this nude appearance would be only for a few seconds for once the cameras would click she would pick up her clothes and run back stage. This act though intentional would look accidental as a dress mal function.

Everything is to turn the heads of media and go popular. We have to see how far it works for her.

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