Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rajini's political problems comes to an end?

The regional issue surrounding the birth state of super star appears to have come to an end with a Tamil weekly reporting that he indeed belongs only to Tamil Nadu. It was reported in one of the recently held fans-meets about a fan asking the Boss about his plans for a memorial mandapam for his parents in their native place, namely, Nachikuppam in Krishnagiri district. Stunned by this, Rajini had asked to meet this fan.

Later investigation revealed that Rajinikanth was born in Nachikuppam which is a good 70 Kms from Bengaluru and his parents and other relatives had lived there for quite some time. His maternal uncle and aunt still live in Nachikuppam and a photo of the super star with his uncle adorns the walls in his uncle's house. It is also being said that Rajini may consider his political entry after Endhiran and now that it has been proved that he is after all born in Tamilnadu, it brings a huge sigh of relief to his numerous fans across the world.

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