Sunday, October 26, 2008

Actress found in a car without clothes

A well known character artist whose name starts with ‘B’ was recently caught by police in a compromising position in a car with a son of a film producer. It is said that on Tuesday night the actress was caught romancing in a SUV on the outskirts of Vizag city and was seen without clothes when a police patrol team found a car parked in a deserted place.

When they inspected the car, three youth were found in an intoxicated position and the actress who name starts with ‘B’ was found without clothes in an unconscious state. When the cops enquired, they found out that the youth were children of well settled film producers and hired the actress for seeking pleasure from her.

The actress agreed that she escorts with men and gives them pleasure services in return of money. It is reported that this lady is used to a lavish lifestyle and in order to maintain it earns the money in this way. The actress was recently featured in the lead in a movie and is a well known Television vamp.

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Mutechords said...

Funny...:) what is the point in maintaining anonimity...everyone knows the CHARACTER artist... they need something more than