Friday, October 31, 2008

Sexiest Telugu TV Anchor

No doubt this award would go to Udaya Bhanu. The tall beauty has proved her worth as a crowd puller. So popular is she among the women audiences that there are many who watch her many programs just to appreciate Udaya Bhanu's dressing.

The TRP rating of Udaya Bhanu's popular Zee TV program called Mahilalu Maharanulu is on an all time high. Udaya Bhanu also has the age advantage with her. Anchors like Jhansi and Suma are already over the top and are pulling their last phase as anchors. Udaya Bhanu faces no such threat. The younger lots of anchors are no match to the curvy Udaya Bhanu. Recently Udaya Bhanu has also increased her price and today she is one of the most highly paid anchors.

She has also it is reported acquired properties in and around Kukkatpally areas and she is also believed to be in property business. The dusky sex kitten is now looking to star in some movies as an item girl.

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