Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bonding together: Ajith and Vijay

The name of the main villain's character was 'Joseph Vijay' in Ajit's latest film 'Aegan'. When Ajith had to address the villain by his full name, Ajit avoided doing so as it might 'inadvertently' hurt actor Vijay. It's indeed generous on the part of Ajit for showing such thoughtfulness in the dialogues of his films.

Now, one hears that Vijay has reciprocated the same gesture to the 'Ultimate Star' during the making of his 'Villu'. In one particular sequence, Vadivelu was to mock the song 'My name is Billa' from Ajit's 'Billa'. Prior to the shooting of this sequence, Vijay reportedly spoke to Ajit over phone and explained to him in detail as to under what circumstance his song was being used.

On hearing Vijay's explanation, Ajit is reported to have given the go-ahead to shoot the sequence involving Vadivelu.

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