Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Actress Muktha Cries During a Press Meet In Kerala

Actress Muktha held a press conference in Ernakulam Press Club on Wednesday in response to her father’s allegations that she and her mother were trying to push him out of the house when he opposed Muktha acting in glamorous roles.

The actress was visibly upset and burst into tears when she narrated the story from her side. She said that from childhood she was paying for the negligence from her father and that her father K.M. George abandoned her family when they were children. Muktha’s mother brought up them with the help of her uncles. She recollected how father used to torture her mother. And then one day he deserted them for no reason. When Muktha started acting in cinemas, despite all that happened, she took initiative to call him back hoping that he would be a changed man. But now she thinks that was a foolish decision.

She accused that he is purposefully tarnishing her image. “I don't know why he is spreading such a bad image. Any father won't say such things against a daughter. I don't believe that cinema field is an arena to become bad for girls. If we want to go that way, there are several ways to become bad. I am not in that way. My mother is always with me. I don't know how I can adjust with this type of behavior from my father. He is spoiling my future. This is too much.''. She also alleged that George took all her life savings from her as the bank accounts were in his name. It was her father who prompted her to wear skimpy clothes for a Tamil film.
Muktha's mother also attended the press conference.

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