Friday, October 31, 2008

Rs 5 Cr For Kamal's 'Spray Make Up'

Kamal Hassan always called himself a reluctant actor. A little bit of history here is that he wanted to be a story writer all his life.

When some big heroes did not want to do the stories that he wrote he plunged into acting. That accident turned out to be his destiny. That was some 25 years ago. The artist in Kamal Hassan never satiates. Movies like 'Dasavataram' and 'Apoorva Sodaralu' are proof enough. The actor is also known for his various make up techniques and he tries to get the best from the west. News is that he has now got the latest Spray Make up for his forth coming movie 'Marmayogi'. The technique would cost Kamal Hassan a cool Rs 5 Cr and one hopes it would be worth every penny spent.

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