Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Abhinayasri caught by the Bangkok cops

"Abhinayasri", who is an item girl turned actress, is still struggling for the success in tollywood. It is fact that after Mumaith Khan entering into the Telugu film industry, Abhinayasri has been sidelined. So, these days Abhi is said to be in the state of depression and is said to be addicted to liquor and drugs.

Recently, in a dance show organized in Bangkok, Abhinayasri danced to entertain the audience in skimpy clothes and after finishing the act, she directly went and demanded for some liquor. As ordered she got some and after consuming some pegs she started to again dance in between the audience. One of her friends tried to control her and injected a liquid into her body, but after that she again started to dance out of control and even it has been reported that she started to remove her clothes one by one. When she removed her top her entire bosom was clearly visible and few men started to grab her by them.

The audience, who were present there, reported the act as obscene to the cops, who came immediately and arrested Abhinayasri. The organizer of the dance show had to shell out 5 lakh rupees to bring her back. These kinds of shows are organized by the Telugu people over there to entertain Indians and this week end Mallu star Reshma is going to dance in one of the shows.

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