Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Ramya Krishna Keeps Away From Hubby?

The marriage between "Ramya Krishna" and "Krishna Vamsi "has always been a surprise for many. The chemistry between them has always been low. The two come from very different backgrounds and their perception about a lot in life always looked alienated. This distance between the husband and wife had been apparent for quite some years.

They never hang around each other like the Srikanth Ooha pair or the Rajshekar Jeevitha pair. Even during the Telugu film industry platinum jubilee celebrations the couple hesitated to be photographed together and also sat at different locations during the course of the functions. There is talk that the two of them are not living together. There have been efforts of a compromise being reached and also the couple are trying patch up.

The Film Nagar talk is that there is another heroine in Krishna Vamsi's life and that is causing the rift. At the end of the day no one knows why really the beautiful "Ramya" Krishna is staying away from her Hubby?

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