Friday, November 7, 2008

Anushka In Men's Hostels

How interesting is this news were one to take it literally? At a survey done some years ago Sonali Bendre was the most downloaded wall paper in the entire country. Which means, youth all over India were so excited seeing her photographs.

Today we don't know much about this statistics but Anushka's photographs are ruling the walls of the various hostels of the Osmania and Andhra University. Big posters of the lady in inviting dresses are being seen at these hostel rooms. Many say Anushka is the flavor of the Telugu youth.

Her milky white skin and elongated and stretched long body is luring the youth. The posters are going unnoticed by the hostel maintenance staff.

Many students say there is stiff competition from other students who want other posters to be placed but as of now Anushka rules the roost.

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