Monday, November 3, 2008

Married Heroine's Morphed "Nude" Video

One was surprised to note a video of the thunderous beauty Malavika doing the rounds. But the surprise would not have been a surprise had these "videos" been just the run of the mill. But these were "nude video" with explicate "sex scenes". "Malavika" is a much married heroine and she is also an established actress then why did Malavika need to do such an act?

The "video" shows Malavika is very compromising positions in all angles. One initially got an impression that she could have compromised for the lure of some big money but on further and deep examination it was revealed that these are morphed images and some mischief has been going on behind the scenes because of which these videos have appeared.

These are the malicious attempts of some perverted youngsters to damage the image of the actress or for mere senseless pleasure.