Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bhavana’s glamorous act flunks

Actress Bhavana, the missy with the looks of next door had never thought about shifting her paradigms into glamorous quotients. Notwithstanding the entry of more filles into film industry, she had finally decided to gear up with image makeover. Yeah, spot the song of Malayalam film T-20 where she dances with Dhilip on sun-kissing beaches of Mauritius. You would complete regret why you liked Bhavana for so long? Appearing in mini-skirts and tops, Bhavana thought of stealing the hearts of young lads. But everything flunked as the same target audiences were disappointed the young bubbly actress in such costumes.

Does the actress believe in the mantra –"When there’s no performance, glamour speaks successes. She must have felt it wrong at least from Nayanthara, who followed same tactics and dropped herself in the charts.

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