Sunday, November 9, 2008

Suman Ranganath costumes reveals extra

Suman Ranganath
who is well known for her spicy role in bollywood made her mark in sandalwood with the movie Buddhivantha. The movie was a decent success at the box office and Suman Ranganath received accolades for doing so.

Recently something unexpected happened on the sets of her forth coming film Anjadiru which features Suman in an item song. The shooting is taking place at old Mysoore lamps industry which is well known to the city dwellers.

Suman reached the shooting location on time and her costume was still awaited. The director was getting panic and as soon as the specially tailored costume arrived Suman was hurried into the dressing room. To her surprise when she was about to wear the costume she saw a lizard on it and immediately screamed with fear. One of the assistant directors rushed to the spot only to see Suman in her inner wear. She was first shocked and then laughed and excused the director.

When the shot was ready Suman set the whole unit on fire with her pretty appealing gyrations and immense skin show. But unfortunately one of the hooks of her costume was not properly fixed and the costume sliced down to her naval only to reveal her mind blowing assets to the unit.

But the day of the assistant director was rocking as he saw gorgeous women in her inner wear. Suman Ranganath is a married woman and a divorce now.

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