Friday, November 14, 2008

Celina Jaitley turns Stripper!

Bollywood Actress Celina Jaitley’s acting skills have always been debatable. All the films where she’s been the only leading lady (like ‘Janasheen’ and ‘Khel’) have flopped miserably.

Multi -starrers like ‘No Entry’ and the recent ‘Golmaal Returns’ have done well but there have also been really terrible ones (with an ensemble cast) of the ‘Tom Dick and Harry’, ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’, ‘Money Hai to Honey Hai’ kinds. These horrible fares have only strengthened the belief that she can’t act!

So the lady is busy cashing in on her USP-dropping clothes.

The ex Miss India is doing a bold act in the upcoming ‘Showman’. Bollywood Actress Celina Jaitley maintains that she loves playing glamorous roles.

The film by Reel Life Productions which is extensively shot in the UK also stars Govinda and Rimi Sen. This looks like one of those mindless films with loads of senseless dhamaal.

She apparently plays a night club stripper in the movie.

She has reportedly been bragging about her role, “I am playing this girl born to an English man and Indian woman. She unfortunately comes from a very poor family background in London. She has grown up to be a stripper in a night club and a con artist. Basically her main aim is to own a night club.”

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