Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bikinied Priyamani woos Nitin?

The spotlight nowadays for heroines seems to be focussed on what they wear or rather how little they wear rather than their acting skills. Bollywood has got the bikini act down pat with heroines in hot pants and mini skirts cavorting in picturesque foreign locations drawing in the crowds at the box-office. The more conservative South Indian film industry has followed suit but slowly.

The first to shock the world was Nayantara’s now famous bikini-clad strut in Billa (2007). Then we heard that Anushka was prepared to do the same in the Telugu remake of Billa starring Prabhas ‘as the role demanded it’. Now Priyamani, another top heroine of the Telugu film industry and a National Awardee is following the beaten path and is rumoured to have agreed to don this enticingly tiny costume in her forthcoming film Drona starring Nitin.

The buzz in the industry is that Priyamani has already shot for a steamy song sequence in this tantalising costume as the story demanded it. Sources have also confirmed that another hot song is being picturised on Priyamani at the Lahari Resorts near Hyderabad. Drona, starring Nitin is being produced by D. S. Rao and directed Kumar, S. S. Rajamouli’s apprentice.

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